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  Circular Spaces is a collection of circular plans ○ by @mina_hanna

Master plan for the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, under construction, 2012- present, by Herzog & de Meuron, #circularspaces

plan for Radio France, part of the process drawings Philippe Rahm and @nicolas_db made to tackle the given geometries of the circle and the corridors, looking at the path of natural sunlight, then converting these curves into 60° angle lines parallel to the corridors, which essentially gave shape to the final plan, #circularspaces #process

Radio France, un dégradé sonore, project en cours, pour l’espace Agora de la Maison de la Radio, Philippe Rahm et @nicolas_db créent un paysage acoustique variant, un dégradè glissant entre lumière naturelle et absorption phonique. #circularspaces (via @embop)

plan for an art piece to be used as a playground, a landscape at children’s height, a space to pass through and explore, a surface to be touched, by @studio_ossidiana, to be completed in 2019

Druzhba Sanatorium,
Yalta, Ukraine, 1983-1985
designed by Igor Valikievsky, #circularspaces

Plan of the Flaktürme (Flak Tower), Vienna, Austria, built during WWII as an above-ground, anti-aircraft gun blockhouse tower, constructed by Nazi Germany, the walls were 3.5 meters thick, designed to withstand the standard artillery carried by the Royal Air Force heavy bombers at the time of construction, these towers were also designed as above-ground bunkers for a civilian shelter. #circularspaces

Plan for Ponte City tower, Johannesburg, South Africa, built in 1975 as luxury apartments, the 55-story building is 173 m high, making it the tallest residential building in the Southern Hemisphere. In the 90s the building was hijacked by drug dealers, gangsters, and pimps. Its inner courtyard became a high pile of garbage that reached the 5th floor. "On the 13th and 14th floor you could get anything from a blow-job to an acid trip in a few minutes." In 2000s, the building was renovated, and the things that were cleared out from its inner core ranged from "mattress, rubble, loose, steel, kitchen and bathroom fittings - even dead stray cats." #circularspaces

A plan of the Narrenturm, Vienna, Austria. The asylum was built under Emperor Josef II in 1784 by the architect Isidore Canevale, with advice from the hospital director Joseph von Quarin. The building has a round shape. There were twenty-eight cells within each of the five stories, pointing to a sun cycle of twenty-eight days. There were in total 139 individual cells for the inmates.
The Narrenturm is now the Federal Pathologic-anatomical Museum (Pathologisch-anatomische Bundesmuseum). #circularspaces

plan for a circular house with 15 double doors, 2017, by @mina_hanna, #circularspaces

Autopista del Sur, 1982-2000, by León Ferrari, (via @anhtg)

Sports Research Centre, Cáceres, Spain, 2006, by Jose Maria Sanchez Garcia, #circularspaces

Room with 12 doors, by @treero, #circularspaces

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