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Circa Suicide🌙  93'|👽|NJ/OR🔞♏️ Open Your Mind| @Suicidegirls💚 Trilllll✨ 🔮🌮🐱🌿🌹Fucking Weirdo. 💌|| Circasuicide@yahoo.com ⬇️Photosets✨


The cutest couple in Hamilton ft. us 💕

I just wanna be happy, all the time. Who are you to stop me or put me down for my choices on how I want to live in order to be happy 🤷🏼‍♀️ NOBODY DAS WHO BYE BITCH 🙆🏼‍♀️ How about YOU TRY LIVIN your own damn life and stop being a wet blanket ☺️🙌🏽 CHIRPCHIRP || if you read this far tell me WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?! photo by da bb @joeyzuccphotos 💯💚

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THIS GODDESS 💯💜✨🖤 sending you allllll the love today ✨ Go wish @lirycnotlyric a happy fuckin birthday!! ✨🌙🚨

“Never has life itself seemed so senseless. It’s a joke, isn’t it? Consciousness, it’s a kind of joke.” || more darker shoots in 2018 please. This was hands down one of my favorite shoots ever by the magic maker herself @jisobeldelisle 🖤🌙 || #circasays #sg #blood ||

This has been my favorite tattoo since I got it and probably always will be 🖤 thanks joey ❤️ #rosemandala #kneetattoo #missyoualot

Bills brings good people together 🖤 I missed this little cutie!

New Hope will always be one of my favorite places to visit when I’m home 💙 Where’s your favorite spot to go near your home town?

You’re never gonna see the end of these matching coats ❤️💚

“When I look into your eyes it’s like magic.” “Ouuuu it’s like I get you high isn’t it?” “Yea it’s fuckin crazy” At the time I thought it was a line to get in my pants.. 2 years later & it’s still one of the conversations that swirls in my head & heart the most. If I didn’t hate myself so much then, I would have been able to love harder... I would have been able to make a difference.. and I don’t know how to let go of that. I don’t know how to not go backwards sometimes and I wish you were here to talk about it. 💔 don’t let your own self hate hold you back from the love you deserve and the love you should give. I’d do anything to turn back the clocks. I’d do anything to have you and your eyes looking into mine. #nyc

Last train home 🚂 Matching coats for these goats 💚❤️

I got a new furry red jacket on a super clearance deal and I’m over hyped about it to say the least so @danielle_zug took pictures 🤣❤️✨ I love this city so fuggggin much #circasays #newyorkcity #tkobeanie #timessquare #nyc #tko #sg #suicidegirls

I’m the luckiest Aunt 🧡🌙✨💕

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