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My friends at @outershores are offering a 2 for 1 trip to Haida Gwaii this coming June. Check out their feed for more info. It's a wicked deal on a trip of a lifetime if you can swing it.

Reminder to get out and VOTE today if you live in British Columbia.

Just a friendly reminder that the BC General Election is this coming Tuesday, May 9th. Early voting is now open. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you go to the polls and fill out an empty ballot, it’s your civic duty to vote. Last general election we had a despicable 52% turnout here in British Columbia. Let’s change that. There are people in the world who die every damn day fighting for their democratic rights. The least you can do is take 15-30 minutes out of your day between now and Tuesday to join the democratic process. Thank you! #ivotebc

"A coastal forest can be an awesome place to behold: huge, holy, and eternal-feeling, like a branched and needled Notre Dame, but for a stranger it is not a particularly comfortable place to be. You can be twenty paces from a road or a beach and become totally disoriented; once inside, there is no future and no past, only the sodden, twilit now. Underfoot is a leg-breaking tangle of roots and branches and, every fifteen metres or so, your way is blocked by moss-covered walls of fallen trees that may be taller than you and dozens of metres long. These so-called nurse logs will, in turn, have colonnades of younger trees growing out of them, fifty years old and as orderly as pickets. In here, boundaries between life and death, between one species and the next, blur and blend: everything is being used as a launching pad by something else; everyone wants a piece of the sky. Down below, the undergrowth is thick, and between this and the trees, it is hard to see very far; the sound of moving water is constant, and the ground is as soft and spongy as a sofa with shot springs. You have the feeling that if you stop for too long, you will simply be grown over and absorbed by the slow and ancient riot of growth going on all around you. It can be suffocating, and the need to see the sun can become overpowering—something you could do easily if it weren't for all those trees." - John Vaillant, The Golden Spruce

Another type of green room... Rainforest Trail, Pacific Rim

Autumn colour transitions, Kluane National Park

There’s a feeling you get when you’re walking in an ancient rainforest forest on Vancouver Island. It’s a feeling of reverence. A sense of respect and astonishment at the entire process. Things grow out of things; living things eat the dead things. It’s right there, if you care to see it. Living in cities we don’t see this ultimate oneness; the interconnected master plan. The blueprint.

Some deserted gas ⛽️ station in northern BC... artsy af

Alternate capture / orientation of the Emperor Falls photo I posted earlier. Shot with my 'now dead via water damage' Nikon D810 at f22 1/5s ISO40 w/ Nikon 24-85mm, which was, incidentally, the kit lens that came with my 'stolen at knife point' Nikon D600. Photography might be profitable if I wasn't spending 💰 to replace camera bodies every two years.

Roadside snaps are hard to pass up when travelling between Jasper and Lake Louise / Banff... every little bit of interesting mountain light gets me to pull over, so that a drive that normally takes 2 hours ends up 5. I'll be up here again in a few weeks. Would love to meet up with local photographers.

Morning blues and greens, Berg Lake, Mt. Robson

Dawn light, Mt. Robson

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