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Owen Perry  [email protected] • Fine Art Prints:

Come seek shelter from the late winter weather tonight at @shelterrestaurant for the 3rd annual Raincoast Education Society's #capturingthecoast2017 @raincoasted

Goose Group of Islands, Great Bear Rainforest

"Notice how the world is always an arena of possibilities. When you are sitting, you face the possibilities of standing, walking, or lying down. When you are silent, you face the possibility of speech. At every moment we are either inclining toward or engaged in an act: a physical movement, an utterance, a thought. Even when you decide not to act, you are still doing something: refraining. Notice how even when the mind is quiet it is still tensed, ready to spring into action." ~ Stephen Batchelor

“There is an endless quality to life. There is always more to be experienced. Deep down, we know this and we are glad for it. The problem is that everyday life steals this sense from us. It pulls us away from this perspective, constantly bombarding us with advertisements that all promise to fulfill us through purchases: “Get this, do that, and life will be perfect.” But none of this ever works. We need to let go of the futile idea that happiness is out there, somewhere, and embrace the infinite growth available to us as a treasure, not as something that we are impatient to overcome.

People involved in the arts come to understand this endless nature through direct experience, which is part of all the arts. That is why I believe that a personal pursuit of some form of art is so important to a person’s sense of well-being. It will teach you the true nature of life right up front, if you pay attention.” - Sterner, The Practicing Mind

Hey Tofino people and those planning to be in Tofino this weekend. Join me and some amazing local photographers for the annual @raincoasted photo contest at @shelterrestaurant on Saturday. Honoured to be presenting a slideshow of work this time around. Show starts around 7. #capturingthecoast2017

The temperate coastal snowforest of Vancouver Island... last day to tag your forest-inspired shots with #everybodyplayshard and join the contest run by my friends over at @postmarkbrewing and @canadasevens

My friends, purveyors of fine craft beer 🍺 and frequent supporters of local community events and charities over at Postmark Brewing are running a contest in conjunction with the Canada Sevens Rugby 🏉 tournament @canadasevens. I'm a guest judge for this week of the contest. All you need to do is post your favourite forest themed photo and tag it #EverybodyPlaysHard to enter. A unique prize pack is awarded every week as well as a grand prize at the end of the contest. Check out the @postmarkbrewing page for more info. 📷: roaming the rainforest boardwalks of Pacific Rim National Park during a snowfall.

Winter surf check with @reed_platenius

Degree of comprehension... “The funny thing about man is, he can put himself down and say that he is an accident. A kind of colloidal chemical accident that occurred on this very unimportant rock rotating around a lesser star on the fringe of one of the minor galaxies. ‘This is where we are, and that the universe does not give a damn about us.’ And yet the odd thing is, this wretched little chemical thing can reflect an image of the whole cosmos in all it’s vastness inside his head, and can know he’s there. This thing, however small in dimensions, is vast in comprehension. And what scale are you going to attach the word ‘importance’ to? Mere size, or degree of comprehension? By degree of comprehension, man is huge.” – Alan Watts

“It’s interesting that the Congress of the United states recently passed an act making it a very serious offence to burn the American Flag. And they passed this act with many patriotic speeches and rhetoric and much reciting of poems. This is a most fantastic example of American confusion between symbol and reality. Between menu and meal. Because this same congress is directly or indirectly responsible for burning up what the flag stands for, mainly the geographical United States and its people. By not really doing much about the devastation of our forests, the pollution of our water and atmosphere, the reckless waste of our natural resources, and resorting to a form of economy which under any sane circumstances would be termed shear lunacy. You see, they can’t distinguish between the symbol and reality because we are all hypnotized with words and symbols. And so, when the flag is more precious than the country, we are insane. When you say “I love my country” and what you mean by that is that you feel certain emotions when you salute a flag, you don’t love your country at all. Because to love your country means to participate in its life in a loving way, in a considerate way.” – Alan Watts, circa 1960

Local surfer @reed_platenius enjoys the novelty of a snowy morning at Cox Bay. #coldwatersurf #wimhofwho?