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Approaching Sandspit, Haida Gwaii - Ektar 100 @thewarmfade

Approaching Sandspit airport in Haida Gwaii - Ektar 100 @thewarmfade

The other Vancouver Island... the one beyond the nearest highway or National Park. @thewarmfade Portra 400, Zeiss 50mm

Fogust days - @thewarmfade - Portra 400, Zeiss 85mm 1.4

Hello people! I started a film-only account @thewarmfade... The idea behind this is to be more documentarian in nature... to avoid the 'perfect' approach to photography through digital editing, and to instead engage in a more methodical and less hurried process of taking photos. I won't be editing or manipulating the film scans in order to maintain the authenticity of each film's colours. The folks at the @canadianfilmlaboratory will be handling colour negatives, but i'm not sure who will be taking on the slide / E6 film processing. If you have any ideas in this regard, let me know. Also, if you have any films or cameras you want me to try, feel free to let me know. This photo of Gwaii Haanas was taken on Kodak Portra 400 with the Nikon 70-200 f4 ...

Foggy sunset and low tide beachcombers... the lighting only lasted a few minutes before the sun once again became concealed by fog. It's those exhilarating and fleeting moments that make nature photography so much fun. Nikon D500 with Zeiss 50mm 1.4. Shot in RAW + flat profile to conserve highlights and shadows, then edited with Fuji Velvia presets by VSCO Film.

I posted a set of summer photography from the coast to my @exposure site... check it out at ... and make sure to sign up for mailing list please!

Enjoy this feed? Please consider purchasing a print via my site: ... You receive a lovely print and certificate of authenticity, and I in turn get to continue my love of photography. It's a win win... Thank you to all those who support my work through this platform and those who have purchased prints in the past. I very much appreciate you - you drive me to create new things and push my boundaries.

Foggy minimalism... a bit @david_burdeny inspired

The sun as seen through a mix of fog and forest fire smoke. The tiny black speck on the sun is a sunspot called AR2665 that’s 74,560 miles wide – about 19 times bigger than Earth. Yeah, the sun is quite large. It’s feared the gigantic blemish is unstable enough to produce an “M-class” solar flare... would create some amazing auroras, but also threaten communication satellites and astronauts living on the ISS... Nikon D500 + 70-200 F/4

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