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mytha  Too awkward to human 📷iphone only


Will never get bored of this Korean Pancake 🥞✨

Re-upload this because of many reasons. But yes this is earring made by custom from @kimilatta check out their page. I become dreamcatcher lover since I knew this shop

A friend said it looks like Chinatown. It made me remember @aysien_lee his apartment are near Chinatown, NY right now. Miss you! Let's go to Ueno after you come back!

Shin-Okubo food adventure: PART ONE. Always want to try Korean pancake & ramyeun. The cheesy thing are chosen up by the boys. (I should turn off video sounds LOL)

This shrine looks majestic standing so peacefully above the busy market below it

If you want real intriguing taste of Korean food, save your time by avoiding Korean restaurant near your city & come to Korea instead. ....or at least come to Korean Town in Shin-Okubo, Japan

Gaijin took some photos of some gaijin

Sometimes the best food are not full of colors, not instagramable, but plain & homie like this.
The best Japanese food portrayed the people themselves, humble & modest.

Just realized my items dominated by these color scheme 🎟⭐️👗✨

-no caption needed- but I think Kazuya too heavy for my mom to carry now #justwondering #kazuyaraqillaevren

He always curious with my polaroid camera & my smartphone ( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ )a💦
#polaroid #instax #instaxmini8 #kazuyaraqillaevren

Throwback to where Kazuya 1st time went faraway from Toyohashi. Also because 16th August was my Mom's birthday. She's kinda busy :( even when I call her again & again she didn't pick it up (´;ω;`) however, happy birthday again, mama!! .
(P.S. we are quite chubby here since my mom always cooking something good everyday)
(P.P.S. the drawing on flag above us remind me of my former manager, otomo-san LOL)

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