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mytha  Too awkward to human

Art noveau wall street art in alley, most of the tourist pass this wall, but not many of them take a look twice at this fine art.

I adore your art, Maika Kobayashi

Mama papanya sibuk beres-beres mau pindahan, dia sibuk nangis-nangis minta digendong + minta mainan 💦

Star Wars bed set from @dreamsyard
#kazuyaraqillaevren #kazuya #4months

千羽鶴 or 1000 cranes. Japanese people believe if you make 1000 origami cranes your wish can be granted. Usually they made 千羽鶴 when there's someone sick

There are 10,000 shrines in Kyoto & they said you need a lifetime to visit all of it. And from what I experienced yesterday, every shrine have different wooden plaque. Intriguing.

🦊⛩⛩⛩RED ⛩⛩⛩🦊

Love to see the drawing here. Me myself haven't draw for a very long time, my skill get dull for sure 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。

Yesterday birthday boy. How can he behave like a big sweet boy but also act like wonderful husband & good papa for kazuya?
Stay awesome, hayn ⭐️

I love this museum. Never get bored of it ✨how can bone be this majestic? Full video is in my insta story today

Why my instagram feed lately always about these two boys? LOL

Kazuya wearing his papa's hat & @aysien_lee wearing my hat 😂 and both of them haven't taking shower yet. Smelly smell smell~

Kazuya: "aduh apa sih ini cium2 mulu. Enaknya diapain ya? Hmmm kuat ga ya klo ane pukul.. wew dia mau nyium ane lagi. WOY BAYAR KLO MAU CIUM CIUM!!!" Papa: "anak gw ngapain dh lucu bgt jir *clueless*"

I love bakery. And talking about bakery, this one also my fave bakery. Koen no dori (??) bakery if i'm not wrong. In front of miyuki park, and cheaper than my other fave bakery, bellbread

Last day of fasting. Feel so exhausted these days even though I work less. But watching these 2 fave boys of mine always make me smile ✨that's why I getting lazy to go outside lately.
Heck, summer always make me lazy to go outside 😅 #fatherandson #babyboy #happyfamily #KazuyaRaqillaEvren

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