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mytha  Too awkward to human. I like deleting my photos . 📷iphone only


The aftermath. It's always sunny after the storms. There's famous words for this in Indonesia, "Habis gelap terbitlah terang. Door Duisternis tot Licht"

Silent but beautiful. Tokyo snowing hard today. 30cm of snow sit calmly in front of our street ❄️It's mesmerizing but also tiring, many transportation late or even stop operating, some people can't even go home ☃️🌨❄️

My plan for new year was simple. Drawing while eating mochi red bean, watching uta gassen while cuddling with my SO and eating snack & osechi..
Well, it's all cancelled because we both were sick & my SO must do all my work since I can't do anything. And in Japan, every store & clinic are closed until January 4th. Holiday sick are suck 💩

Some of my disposable camera (first) result!! Hahahha I'm such amateur, I still try to adapt with it.

My husband face in every photo: "I'm so tired. I just want to play game & sleep all day. Let this be over with"

Peko peko ♥️ Do you know that behind this cute face of Milky brand mascot there's urban legend? It's so lame though..

December 25th and no holiday here. Everyone still go to work. And for you who wonders, I'm not taking this pic today LOL

Old drawing from last year that I never published before. It felt like I didn't improve, should draw more LOL
One of my OC from my webtoon challenge comic (Indonesia only), Frou from Transparent.

Sometimes I need this. Less people, warm sunset.. A simple moment I can enjoy with my favorite peeps. Yes, Tokyo is great, convenient & fun. But you always bump to people everywhere you go, even the stores here are too overwhelming. A bit "out of nowhere" place like this is like an oasis to my brain

I just realized I rarely draw male character, so here's one of @komikkawaii 's character from his comic. Yes, it's angel. And yes, I don't know his true intentions. Is he evil? Probably LOL.
I gave him morning glory flower, since the comic are about flower picking #elbaraa2017

Japan is a famous for it's clean street, but sometimes you still can find one or two garbage too on the street 🚶🚶🏻🚶🏼‍♀️🚶🏽

I want to upload it tomorrow morning, but I probably can't since my sunshine needs me to take care of him! 🌻☀️ .
here, another doodle because I fed up tonight. Yes this is not warm up doodle, this is stress-releasing-doodle. I always draw faster when mad, I kinda enjoy it when I've reason to get angry to 👾✖️💩

Forgot to upload this one LOL. When you lazy, just copy paste it. Don't even asking why the background like that, I'm just having fun & try to become familiar with CSP again

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