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Jacinta & Co.  Aussie mum of three 👦🏼👧🏼👧🏼 Scientist (PhD) 👩🏼‍🔬 Fun educational activities for preschool and primary school age children.

NUMBER MATCH || there are all sorts of ways that you can use the numbered craft sticks I presented a couple of days ago. Here, we have matched coloured pom poms to the corresponding numbers. A fun, easy game that can be played over and over.

SENSORY PAINTING || paint sensory bags are not just for toddlers. My 5 and 7 year olds had great fun squishing paint between their fingers today. We drew the heart shape directly onto the bag, added some paint and then moved the paint around the bag to colour the heart. A great mess free valentines activity.

BACK TO SCHOOL || are your children returning to school soon? I will be labelling all our new uniforms using these awesome @stuckonyouofficial name label stamps. They're so quick and easy to use. One simple stamp and your done. No more ironing, stitching or writing!

NUMBER RECOGNITION || being able to recognise numbers in context is an important early numeracy skill. In this activity, your little one needs to find all the numbers that contain the digits 1, 2 or 3. For example on the number one, they need to find all the numbers made with a number 1. They can cross the numbers out with a marker or cover them with a pom pom, button or googly eye so the activity can be used over and over. We made the numbers 0-9, but have just shown these three. I hand wrote the numbers for ease, you could print them out and make them look really special.

COLOURED LEAVES || I'm struggling to find the right picture to post tonight. We have had great fun these holidays crafting, making and building, but none of the pictures I've taken feel right today. So here's one of my most favourite posts ever. Autumn leaves coloured with oil pastels.

NUMBER FUN || we practised our number recognition, counting, 1:1 correspondence, subitising, fine motor skills and hand eye coordination all in this one simple activity today.

POM POM CUPCAKES || a box of pom poms and some silicone cupcake holders made for lots of fun today. We transferred the pom poms with some tweezers to work on our fine motor skills.

COLOUR MATCH || we used one of our rainbow paintings to play a rainbow match game today. I left out a bunch of buttons (you could use pom poms or sequins too) and the littles matched the buttons to their corresponding colours. We estimated how many butterflies would fill each coloured stripe and then counted them out.

RAINBOW PRINTS || this colourful activity is always fun. We used a toilet paper role and acrylic paint to make the overlapping circle print and then coloured the circles with water colours. The result is always beautiful.

MATH BASICS || we used our giant craft sticks to play a fun counting game today. I traced circles onto the sticks, and then we used our coloured counting chips to match the number labeled on the sticks. This activity is great for developing counting skills, number recognition, subitising and 1:1 correspondence.

POM POM SORTING || An oldie, but a goodie. Sorting coloured pom poms into mini muffin trays is great fun. This activity encourages the development of colour recognition, fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

LETTER RECOGNITION || here's a fun letter recognition activity. I simply printed out the upper case letter template and poured out some PVA glue. You can then ask your child to transfer pom poms to the template. We used these cute tongs from @thecreativetoyshop to practise our hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. The end result is lovely and colourful. I think my children's initials would look great framed on our wall.

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