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Chris Griffin  Media Director @ Slingshot Videographer l VFX Artist l UC Davis l Gym Leader

3DS Max FumeFX + a bit of compositing in After Effects. Total sim + export time = 2.3 hours. I've always had a love-hate relationship with this plugin but it's time to learn it inside and out. #creative #render #adobe #3danimation #fire #vfx

I've never dipped into car videography before, but @sampailifts asked for a video of the love of his life "Marceline", so who could reject a request like that. Definitely learned some new stuff and the shoot itself was fun as hell. @wooism with the support

Going to start posting more of my work here cause oftentimes it never sees the light of day. Part of some visuals I'm doing for a producer buddy of mine: @coreylikesboardgames. Audio reactive low-poly Mir cave with ember particles and some simple chromatic aberration. Music: Ledlight - Brotherhood

Happy Easter! 🐰πŸ₯ Chubby bunny deadlift shenanigans. Filming and editing this video was a challenge since I couldn't stop laughing. Check out the full video on the supertraining06 YouTube channel. @marksmellybell @lilsmokeyst @stormcloud415 @filipinothunder @iamandrewz @charliezamora_ @jesska_smith

Been off program for almost three weeks so it was time to be stupid @sampailifts @himynameisgian @thenattyprofessor @barbellbrigade

The bois

"Would you rather fight one @shawstrength sized duck or 100 duck sized @shawstrength's?"

It was crazy cool being able to follow and film all of Brian's events this weekend. Not only the world's strongest but also just a great person overall.

Shout out to everyone looking out for me and the media team. Thanks for the hookups πŸ”₯

This was my second set of the night. Hips felt good and I was able to focus on squeezing glutes at the top of each rep. Not the best looking reps but I'll take it. πŸŽ₯: @girthney
EDIT: woops actually squatted 335

@thenattyprofessor 's amrap calculator said if I could hit this then my estimated 1rpm would be 420πŸ”₯ so there was no other option really. My new Shadow the Hedgehog lookin ass shoes feel really awesome. Should've listened to everyone and bought some sooner πŸ™ƒ ty @marvindtsang @girthney

Getting a bit more comfortable with flying. As if I needed another hobby to disassociate during...πŸŒ…

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