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"I'm a very social person and I love being out in the world, and the feeling of not having that is the scariest thing to me." - #ElizabethOlsen

Julia Roberts, Pretty woman interview (1990).

Ooh La La... ❤

#MilaKunis and #JustinTimberlake at the MTV movie awards 2011 😂

Léon & Mathilda ♥️
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#NataliePortman through the years ❤️

Reese Witherspoon and her daughter/clone! 😮
Via @cinema.magic

#RamiMalek as Freddie Mercury🎙

This is 'Bruce', the shark from 'Jaws'.
Fun fact: Bruce was named after Steven Spielberg' lawyer, and was the inspiration for the naming of Bruce the shark in 'Finding Nemo'

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"When I was young, I was an armed robber. I did robberies. And there's no adrenaline rush like that. When you're using drugs and doing robberies, it's hard to distinguish whether you're doing robberies to support your drug habit, or doing drugs to support your robbery habit. Those guys that flip on motorcycles--it's like the same kind of adrenaline. It's unreal. The only time I ever felt that was when I heard Andrey Konchalovskiy yell, "Action!" And then I was like, "Wow. Here we are again. This whole adrenaline--". But this time I didn't have a gun. I was like, "Wow. This is awesome." I just totally got hooked. I found my calling. And then when I got my check, I said, "Fuck. Wait a minute. For the first half of my life, I went to prison for being a bad guy. Now they're paying me to be a bad guy.""
-Danny Trejo [on why he works so much]
Happy 74th birthday #DannyTrejo!

"The real secret to total gorgeousness is to believe in yourself."
- #KirstenDunst

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