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Ezekiel Gomez  Cineaste in ABQ, NM foolishly wishing for compassion learned from the art of cinema. Here with the initiative to provide digestible thoughts on film

#flashback to that Christmas in 1998 when I desperately wanted to see The Faculty but was forced into stupid Mighty Joe Young! This ones not bad featuring an original screenplay by Kevin Williamson of Scream fame, and typical B-movie flourishes courtesy of director Robert Rodriguez.

5 Reasons:
Lynn Ramsey's Morvern Callar (2002, UK)

1. With this radical film, announced the brilliant career of one of the finest female filmmakers working today, Lynn Ramsey (Ratcatcher, We Need To Talk About Kevin). 2. An uber-feminist, beautifully realized retelling of a many male coming-of-age film cliches.

3. Samantha Morton as Morvern Callar is fearless.

4. Features quite possibly some of the most brilliant music montages ever produced.
5. A soundtrack featuring Boards of Canada, Broadcast, The VU, and Stereolab among other musical pioneers.

Ryan Gosling (aka the Gos-Boss) directed a movie named "Lost River" which is premiering in competition at the prestigious Cannes film festival this week.

5 Reasons
To See:
Jim Jarmusch's Only Lovers Left Alive

1. Tilda Swinton and Tom Huddleston are the oddest, hyper-cultured, ridiculously hip and alienated vampires. The most interesting take on vampires in quite some time.

2. A cool as ice soundtrack chock full of blisteringly dope psych rock and Motown forgotten gems.

3. Detroit and Tangier, perfect locations for not only Jarmusch's usual urban aesthetic, but also a great setting for a post-modern vampire film.

4. Astonishing visuals captured by cinematographer Yorik Le Saux.

5. A wickedly subtle, dark and dry sense of humor.

RIP Bob Hoskins

...and one more still from Cocteau's the Beauty and the Beast, a film of staggering beauty.

Jean Cocteau's masterful The Beauty and the Beast remains perhaps the best film adaptation of the beloved French fairy tale. A true classic from 1946, it remains a landmark for surrealist imagery within film with its grandiose set design, pre-CGI inventive visual trickery, and dreamy costumes designed by French design house Lanvin. The Beast is wonderfully played by Jean Marais, Cocteau's lover at the time, both of whom were openly bisexual. This film is perfect for a sleepy dark midnight movie accompanied with some organic gummy bears, like I am doing now. #dontjudgeme #beautyandthebeast #Cocteau

#wcw and this weeks overlooked actor, Neve Campbell. No other actress in the 90's represented the prototypical girl-power heroine as stunningly visceral as Neve. Her performances in Wild Things (pictured above) and Scream, are deeply felt and strongly nuanced performances that have become indelible representations of post-modern feminism. As a female you don't have to be a turbo dyke (a many badass film heroines are, I am looking at you Linda Hamilton) to be a badass.

FILM OF THE WEEK: Under The Skin

Few films this year transcends genre expectations and logistical narrative as fatally perfect as Under the Skin. The third film from British music video director turned avant-garde-genre experimentalist Jonathan Glazer, Under the Skin is a visual feast feautirng an enchanting score, mind boggling camera work, and a fiercely dedicated and perfectly calibrated performance from Scarlett Johansson. More like a gallery installation than narrative film, Under the Skin leaves a deep, astounding and haunting impression long after the credits roll. #undertheskin #jonathanglazer #filmoftheweek #cinema

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