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Nirmala  🥀 it's just me, saying things. and doing things.

best part

do people really have the same hope to be better human beings?
all we see
all we hear
all we smell
all we taste
all we touch
have made us who we are, right?

figuratively and literally we are not the same person we were last night, last week, last month, last year.
people build a new path,
a new branch,
a new tower of ideas or beliefs in mind,
every single day.
remodify the way we think.
create the goods and the bads
the wants and the won't be.

people change. do they?
you? me?

i know u know that we were and are always given a choice to drop our ego a little bit,
try to look at the other sides,
or even forgive.
no one knows what's exactly going on in another person's mind,
what changes are happening inside his/hers,
whenever the clock ticks.

so if you choose not to close the doors inside your mind,
especially the hidden ones,
you will see.
or even feel it.
the sides they are struggling to be on,
the sides they always want,
the sides we all have been doing,
"the beautiful sides".

nyaaaww forever luv🖤

wearing my mom's old sunglasses✨

...or maybe we'll meet again

paparazzi @detchangg 😛

almost lovers always do

when everyone had gone to sleep
and everything seemed dark already
i went upstairs and was looking up to the sky,
there were FULL of stars
blinking at me
i swear i had never seen something like that before
so i took my time just to enjoy how beautiful they were
beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
well i was kinda upset my phone's camera couldn't see them
but it's ok cuz my heart had captured the moment.
(flores, 13th july 2017)

yah matanya ilang

selamat hari film nasional. -Maya

hey people! just letting u know that my best-travel-partner here is still alive, and she's turning 21 today!!!✨
so pls do say happy birthday to her :P
*biar dia seneng aja sih
*eventho di perth udah mau ganti hari
*hehe love u mbak!!! @mbakwidi mwa 🌹

malam pun menjadi hening
hanya suara-suara di kepalaku
tubuhku terdiam membisu sesaat jiwaku mulai membeku
berusaha untuk membuka sedikit celah di kupingku
yang ternyata telah memilih kesunyian itu

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