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Cindy Lin  Writer, reader, ramen eater. ✍️📚🍜 Author of MG fantasy THE TWELVE (July 2, 2019 from HarperCollins Children's Books). On Twitter at @cindylin_tweets

Turns out there’s no filter that can make this look pretty. That said, I’m excited that the SCOBY given to me by @undesignedla by way of @rainajlee is alive, alive! Behold my very first batch of kombucha! I only recently started drinking it and find it a tasty fizzy beverage that’s much healthier than soda. But dang is it expensive, even when buying on-sale six-packs at Costco. If this batch turns out well (just bottled it for a second fermentation), then I am gonna save a ton. 💪 #brewingkombucha #cantbelieveitmyself #homemade #hippydippy #socalifornia

Woke up at an ungodly (for this night owl!) hour this morning to try my hand at archery, as part of research for the follow-up to THE TWELVE. In a happy coincidence/sign, my group was stationed at target bale number 12. ❤️ I managed to make one bullseye shot, and also hit the dollar bill our instructor put on the target (though I was just off the bullseye on that one). So much fun! Methinks I am going to have to come back and take more lessons. 🏹🎯 #hooked #bullseye #onthemoney #beginnersluck #thetwelve #doingresearch #pasadenarovingarchers #firsttimearchery

Book launch party! Celebrating the incomparable @lilliamr and her new #YA novel with friends and cake. I was lucky to get a peek at it when it was in its earliest stages six years ago, and to hold it in its finished form is so exciting and inspiring. She reaches new heights with each book. Fly high, Lilliam! 🌼💛⭐️ #dealingindreams #booklaunch #scififantasy #bookcake #authorsofinstagram

Just opened my mailbox to find this beauty. Happy Book Birthday @lilliamr ! I can’t wait to find out how things turned out for Nahla and her girl gang. 🌼💛🌼💛🌼💛 #dealingindreams #ya #scififantasy

Meet Kiwi, a baby hummingbird rescued on a cold evening last week from the street. Kiwi is thriving on a diet of baby hummingbird mash (which includes ground mealworms and other good protein sources) and hummingbird nectar, and learning to fly. Did you know that hummingbirds can’t live on nectar alone? It would be like us humans trying to subsist only on soda or juice (juice cleanses notwithstanding)! Anyway, hopefully Kiwi will soon grow strong enough and feathers enough to go back into the world and fly free. Grow little bird, grow! 🥝 #tinybutmighty #favoritebird #babyhummingbird #rescue

Caught the most amazing exhibit today featuring a fantastical bestiary rendered in ceramics, papier-mâché, paint, resin and glass by a hugely talented group of artists. So proud to see @e.e.kono among them! #beast #artexhibition #fantasticcreatures #artistdate

Happy Year of the Earth Pig! 🐷 Those born under the sign of the Pig/Boar are said to have good fortune to match their good tempers, because a year ruled by this animal is considered lucky. To celebrate this Lunar New Year — and the fact that in exactly 21 weeks from today my book will be coming into the world from @harperkid — I'd like to share with you the cover! It's designed by @mollyfehr and illustrated by and takes my breath away every time I look at it. They say you can't judge a book by its cover but as far as I'm concerned, I've got to make sure the insides measure up! 😅 THE TWELVE is about a group of kids who possess powers of the animal zodiac -- and how one learns to use her powers for good. 💪 To learn more and to get pre-order info, check out the link in my bio. So excited to share this with you all! .
#coverreveal #thetwelve #middlegrade #kidlit #fantasyadventure #zodiac #novel19s

Happy Lunar New Year! Ushering in the year of the Earth Pig/Boar with a little help from my nieces and wishing you all a healthy and prosperous year ahead! 🧧🐷🧧#lunarnewyear2019 #yearofthepig #soundon🔊 #asongforyou

Admiring the fabulous art in #DragonNight, a recently released #picturebook from @penguinkids by @j.r.krause . For his book launch he showed us the evolution of the illustrations as the story developed and changed. So cool to see! #latergram #illustrationevolution

Afternoon tea in an adorably vintage chic tea garden to celebrate my niece’s upcoming birthday. Can’t think of a better way to spend a rainy afternoon. #afternoontea #feelslikelondon #14thbirthday #howmanylumps

My usual apple love is the Honeycrisp (though Gala and Fuji varieties are perfectly acceptable), but I saw these beauties at Trader Joe’s yesterday and thought I’d give them a try. Turns out the Pacific Rose is not just pretty—it’s pretty delicious too. Reminiscent of a Fuji in sweetness but crisper. Honeycrisp is still my favorite, but these give them a run for the money! #appletasting #pacificroseapple #🍎

Ten years ago tonight, I walked into my very first creative writing class: Writing for Children at UCLA Extension, with the incomparably talented @paulayoo . I had finally taken the first step toward a dream that I’d held ever since I was a kid myself. For the next ten weeks I faithfully took notes in a big pink notebook, carefully placed a folded index card scrawled with my name before me to identify myself to my classmates and teacher, and received handouts that I pored over like they held the secrets to the universe (cat not included). In a way, they did—to a whole new world that I found wonderfully thrilling and wanted badly to be a part of. Little did I know that exactly ten years later, I would be preparing for the publication of my first book—the seed of which was planted in that class. Because of that first step, I’ve met some amazing people and lifelong friends (including Paula), and found immeasurable joy and purpose. It hasn’t been easy and there have been plenty of tears and hard work along the way, but when I look at where I was ten years ago and today, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. #tenyearchallenge #kidlit #findyourpassion #nevertoolate #uclaextension #authorsofinstagram

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