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Cynthia Daignault  Slippery Otter

Hello old friend. You're looking #hott. @mkg127 #stillcrazyafteralltheseyears

Hey #Toronto. I'm showing some new work (and some old work) tomorrow @mkg127 2-5. #formstone #baltimore #thepolyesterofbrick

#montreal! I just heard that #whathappened is up now at #arsenalart in Montreal. #😊

Today I remember the #1968riots #50thanniversary that changed #Baltimore (and #memphis and #detroit and #Chicago) forever. It has me reflecting on the politics of race in how we talk about our cities. No coincidence that the cities most often called "shitholes" by our president and media are the cities (of color) that rioted in 1968. Being back in my beloved #hometown I find myself especially attuned to the racist bias in the media depiction of these places. How predominantly white wealthy cities where developers and corporations make a lot of money ("open for business") are considered hip vibrant metropolises while cities of color where working class families can actually still afford to live and thrive are considered "hellholes". See #amazonheadquarters . See #trump. See #nytimes. See #theonion. Why wouldn't being an affordable diverse community be a badge of pride? Instead becoming a corporate controlled expensive shopping mall seems to be the aspiration for our cities. Even the crime statistics weaponized in the conversations have direct correlation to the racism at the center of the criminalization of black men and the poor. Incarceration breeds crime. #newjimcrow I cannot accept that the only bright future for Baltimore is one where the city goes the way of D.C. Now a #Whitewashed playground for the rich, corporations, and trickle-down hipster cottage industry. I want the future of Baltimore to be a model for a different kind of city - where a diverse group of races and economic classes live together in a city that does not abuse, shun or criminalize race or poverty. #yeswecan #neverforget #fuckdc

Still up in Los Angeles. (I'll try to get an image of the other works there soon!) @nightgallery

It's a #moody viewing of "Night walk". @massmoca. I love this piece #Gibsonisland #trees #nocture thanks #henrywessel and #robertadams for your endless inspiration #painting #cynthiadaignault lure of the dark open until Jan 2019. Thank you so much Susan Cross for inviting my work to the #moonlit party. #purplewalls

#cynthiadaignault @massmoca it's not everyday one show closes while another opens in its place. #goodbye show - I don't know when I'll get the chance to show with @_suttree_ again - but I hope it's soon. Thank you @margoisabel. #love #adamandeve #lovewilltearusapart "love will tear us apart", 2011 #painting

#tonight these puppies go back on view @massmoca "night walk", 2015

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