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Cindy Amelia  Femme Fatale. 📩

Miss everything happened

My lightstick, my new baby. I love it, I cry.


Exo'rdium💙 Sorry I'm not sorry for being so fangirling☺️ (The quality's getting lower tho for collages) #ExordiumInSingapore

My mood is like a joke

Lastnight was so great! Not only I got to witness the incredible Coldplay but also...he proposed! He finally proposed (After a long time I ask when he's going to😂) It was so funny actually because he wants to record when he's gonna proposed but unfortunately he's phone is dead and mine is dying. He planned that he's going to do it when Coldplay sing "Amazing Day", he asked for my phone he said he wants to record because 'this is our song' (?) (I don't even know since when we decided that this is our song😂) But I don't wanna give my phone to him, because I need it for navigation to go back to hotel, after asked couple times, I just gave it to him but Coldplay already done singing Amazing Day😂 And continued singing Something Just Like This, so he just asked a guy who sit beside him to record, and then... I officially became his fiancée🌹💍 I finally can propose my braidmaids! Can't wait till the date! I love you!! "Now I need to memorize the lyrics of the song😌 (Something Just Like This)" He said @indravocalz 😂😂❤️❤️ @Coldplay #coldplaysingapore (excuse my grammar, I can't think about past neither present, I just focus on my future😋)

After 7 years ya

When I'm cold, you give me this feeling, this everglow.

You would not be here today without living yesterday🙏🏼

Some things never change. We're still the underdogs like we were in junior high. Except now she's cooler and I'm hotter👯👰🏻 #ZSA2017 #GalaxyAxZalora #BornToExplore

Isn't it bothering? When someone is believe in you, even yourself don't.

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