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Our Pic of the Week is from collinmpoagephotography. Upload your Zoo photos with #cincyzoopic to be considered next week! #TeamFiona #cincinnati #cincinnatizoo #closeenoughtocare #fionafix #hippo #cincyzoopic

Our awesome enrichment team created a bamboo forest in male Asian elephant Sabu's yard this morning. The bamboo was harvested from Zoo grounds and makes for great enrichment for many of our animals. We use enrichment to keep animals healthy by encouraging physical activity and mental stimulation. #conservation #closeenoughtocare #cincinnatizoo #cincinnati #elephant #bamboo

Happy #pollinatorweek! Pollinators are needed for the crops that make up much of our diet. Their numbers are falling due to loss of habitat and other pressures. Your yard can provide valuable habitat to help support healthy populations of pollinators. Let us help you find the best pollinator-friendly plants with our Zoo's Best program! More info on our website! 🦋🐝🐞 #pollinatorweek #bees #savethebees #cincinnati #cincinnatizoo #conservation #closeenoughtocare #zoogarden

Fiona and Bibi are getting very comfortable with each other in the outdoor pool. They are swimming outside together for about an hour a day but on no set schedule yet. DYK: Hippos are ‘ecosystem engineers’, meaning they shape the environment around them. Specifically they create grazing areas or small pastures by grazing in particular areas and they act as connection between land and water habitats as they travel between the two and bring nutrients and microorganisms into the water from the land and vice versa. #conservation #pollinatorweek #cincinnati #cincinnatizoo #hippo #closeenoughtocare #teamfiona #fionafix

World Giraffe Day is tomorrow, Wednesday, June 21 and we will celebrate by offering FREE giraffe feedings to anyone who brings in used/non-functioning plastic swipe card to be recycled. Examples include: Used gift cards, old hotel room keys, expired rewards cards, any plastic card, old key chain cards (gym, grocery, gas station). These plastic swipe cards must be specially recycled to reduce the need to drill for the petroleum oil they are made from. Furthermore, drilling occurs in Uganda where giraffe can be found. Less drilling = more habitat we can preserve for giraffe and other wildlife! Visit our blog to learn more! #cincinnati #worldgiraffeday #giraffe #cincinnatizoo #closeenoughtocare #savingspecies #conservation

Fiona showing off her diva face. Fiona tipped the scales at 317 lbs. this morning!! She has caught up weight wise to a full term baby hippo that is the same age. #closeenoughtocare #cincinnati #cincinnatizoo #teamfiona #fionafix #hippo

Female gorillas naturally have their first offspring around the age of ten. Good baby gorilla rearing is a combination of living in a stable family group, maternal instinct and learned behavior from watching other mothers. Two-year-old Mona is getting some excellent early opportunities to watch Anju raise little Elle on the distant road to future motherhood. #conservation #savingspecies #cincinnati #cincinnatizoo

Fiona likes to play in the waterfall in her outside area. She is being given access to the outdoor pool for about an hour a day but is still on no set schedule. #closeenoughtocare #cincinnati #cincinnatizoo #teamfiona #fionafix #hippo

Say hello to Nadine. One of the smallest wild cats, the black-footed cat rests during the day among the bushes or in a burrow abandoned by an aardvark or porcupine. It emerges at night to stealthily stalk its prey under the cover of darkness, flattening itself to the ground and taking advantage of any hiding places along the way. The black-footed cat is one of the five small cat species with which the Zoo’s Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife (CREW) works on its Small Cat Signature Project. Learn more on our website! #cincinnati #closeenoughtocare #cincinnatizoo #catsofinstagram #cats_of_instagram #cat #cats #blackfootedcat #savingspecies #conservation

Happy Father's Day! Fiona and her dad, Henry, still spend some time together and can touch but have not fully shared space yet. The ultimate goal is to reunite the whole family, but for now we are taking it one step at a time and just focusing on her reintroduction to Bibi, which is going well. #hippo #fionafix #teamfiona #cincinnatizoo #cincinnati #closeenoughtocare #fathersday

The path to view hippos may be closed from time to time to give Fiona and Bibi a chance to explore the outdoor pool privately. Fiona was hesitant to go in the pool with her mom at first but is getting more and more comfortable each day. Bibi has been very attentive to Fiona and has been staying by her side the whole time she is in the pool. #closeenoughtocare #cincinnati #cincinnatizoo #teamfiona #fionafix #hippo

The path to view hippos may be closed from time to time to give Fiona and Bibi privacy to explore the outdoor habitat together. They have been given access to the big space a few times. Fiona was hesitant to go in the pool with her mom at first but made some progress yesterday! She seems to be getting comfortable with another hippo sharing the big pool with her. #closeenoughtocare #cincinnati #cincinnatizoo #teamfiona #fionafix #hippo

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