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Cimi Ahluwalia  Coastal thug diva with 🌍 meets 🌊 VIBEZ.

I FINALLY GOT TO PLAY SKEEBALL...and it only took me coming to Oakland. Blargh. #sports #champ #livingthedream

Asking my mama. She'll probs say nah.

Beeeesh with my bishes. πŸ’™πŸŒŠ#earthmeetsoceanvibes

After hours fashion sweats and leg lifts on the Roman steps. #werk #fashionsweats #gettingshitdone πŸ“·and art direction by sfmoma security

Super Bowl Sunday. Dope vocal classes for the Chhandam students with Dr. Sarah Morelli. Keeping Indian classical art alive is one way we #resist #nbd

It's FLIRT FREE FEBRUARY πŸš«πŸ’‹ y'all. I have to pay πŸ’².25 for any (UPDATED LIST PER TEAM) "flirty moves," creepy wink, eyebrow seductions, kissy faces, eyelash wooing, talking to strangers on the street, talking to myself in stores, looking at anyone in the eye at all, body rolls, serenading or booty dances at anyone at all. It's gonna be a sad boner month for all. #flirtfreefebruary

The only time I like going backwards is when I'm driving. If you think immigration doesn't pertain to you then you must have never felt rejected by a love, or rushed somewhere to find it's too late and you were turned away and disappointed, or you must have had a perfect family where you didn't live in fear or worry about if you had a home or a meal or felt safe at night. Rejection, fear, disappointment, and safety are universal issues and feelings but they are being translated into detrimental global regression. I don't want to go back to a time where I worry every time my dad gets on a plane with his turban that he's being assessed as belonging or threat. I don't want my Muslim friends to think they belong anywhere other than my circle of friends. I don't want us to create invisible internment camps for a group of people that basically have to fight for the right to live because they were born elsewhere and are therefore "other." I'm not going back. So if you think that immigration doesn't apply to you, I hope someone is there to stand for you when you feel rejected, afraid, disappointed or like you are "other." I could be that person. I'm not going back. #neveragainbish #NobanNowall

Say it loud, say it clear, immigrants are welcome here. I'm grateful that at some point Indian, Armenian and Irish immigrants could make it here or else I wouldn't be alive. Proud of #sanfrancisco for being a #sanctuarycity. #staywoke #sfo #notmypresident #nobannowall #Muslimban

You know when you feel so damn lucky and privileged to have known someone that can inspire you even when they aren't in this physical world anymore? Thank the universe that humans like this even exist. Rest in power #cathytopham. Wall of πŸ’ by #stanleegatti

"Don't fuck with us. Don't fuck without us." #plannedparenthood #womensmarchsf #poc #notmypresident

So lame. πŸ’―#leprechaunaf

Fuck yes to this rogue 1,383 Day Battle Plan (1/20/17-11/3/20) sent by #Elixirdesign to their clients. A good reminder that speaking the truth trumps money. #savageaf