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We post this a weeks ago, but today we have the business cards designs done. We want it to show you the entire identity. #businesscards #graphicdesign #cildesigns

Happy Sunday everyone!!! We just took some pictures around and we want it to share it. What do you think? #cildesigns #photography #art

Today we want to show you a corporate identity that we did long ago. We are proud of this design and we like who it came out, I hope you do too.
#cildesigns #graphicdesign #logo

We have too much t show you in this 5 minutes with a graphic designer. We want you to understand the meaning of colors, the personality that brings to your design and how it impacts in your entire perception. Every single color makes a feeling in your body as well as their combination. What do you think about colors and what is your favorite color?
#graphicdesign #colors #5MinutesWithAGraphicDesigner

No más violencia contra la mujer. We designs this for our customer and dear friend @sableblanc_ve She want to create awareness about violence against women posting this on her Instagram page. #passionthepowerofsuccess #graphicdesign #socialmediamarketing #socialmediamanagement #nomasviolenciacontralamujer #violenceagainstwomen #cildesigns

We are grateful for our friend, family and all the people around us, that makes us better people every day. We make some invitations for this beautiful holiday full of joy. What do you think? And what are you thankful for? We wish you a great Thanksgiving! 🦃🍁 #thanksgiving #graphicdesign #invitations #passionthepowerofsuccess #cildesigns

We always trying to get out of our comfort zone and making something different. Today we want to show you a picture that we took in a studio for a wine add that is coming soon. What do you think about our concept? #passionthepowerofsuccess #photography #graphicdesign #cildesigns

We trying all the time to improve and be better every day in what we do, so we did. This brochure which is part of a identity, that we will show you soon, for our portfolio. We always want to find a way to show you what we are capable of doing. I hope you enjoy this peace as much as we did. What do you think? #brochuredesign #graphicdesign #cildesigns #passionthepowerofsuccess

We want to help you all with some graphic design tips. We want you to understand that the typeface that you pick is the identity and the personality of the design. Be creative and wise when you choose your typeface. #5minuteswithagraphicdesigner #passionthepowerofsuccess #cildesigns #typefacedesign

We love taking pictures as you can see, this time we went to @spanishmonastery This beautiful place is small and cozy full of history. We had fun talking pictures to @bideluca and spending a great afternoon. What do you think? #cildesigns #theancientspanishmonastery #passionthepowerofsuccess #photography

We like to help friends to achieve their goals, so we help our friend designing a logo for him. He just graduates from culinary school and he made a blog for his food adventures. This is what we came up with, what do you think? #cheef #logodesign #graphicdesigner #cildesigns #passionthepowerofsuccess

This are some pictures that we took some time ago in the beautiful @morikamimuseum We had fun hanging out in this beautiful Japanese garden and enjoying the interesting landscapes a couple month ago, there was not too hot to be outside to appreciate what this garden had to offer. I hope you enjoy this pictures as much as we did. Have you been in this Japanese garden before? Also, what do you think about our photography? #photography #morikamimuseum #graphicdesign #cildesigns #passionthepowerofsuccess #bocaraton #florida

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