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Cihan Ergur(╹◡╹)  [ Consistent fantasy is reality // Istikrarli hayal hakikattir ]

039. Before you kiss someone for the first time, just wait.. Take a second to look at them. They are so new, so unfamiliar. Right now you don't know how they taste, how their hands press against your skin, how they'll breathe. You won't see them like this again. Look at them wanting - the apprehension in their eyes. They don't know either. In their minds, you are uncharted territory. Isn't that special? Keep it. That's how you'll never loose them. Every so often afterwards look at them through these eyes. Don't loose that wonder. Don't loose the spark.

038. I dreamt of her in colors brighter than our real.

037. If I was anything other than human, I'd want to be the water in your bath

036. ⚡️