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Ciarra 🌻  Lover of Jesus, flowers, summer, lavender, beach days, sunsets, and people. JU grad student. Living a life on mission. 🇭🇹 📍Cincinnati


missing my guy a little extra today 💕

Here is proof that Young Living lemon works as a stain remover!!!
Castile liquid soap
A few drops of lemon 🍋

And the snow came again ❄️ #myblocyear

Walked out in the same outfit as my roomie and everyone thinks we sewed them last night, I’d say it’s a good day. #myblocyear

Melrose is a blend of rosemary, clove, tea tree and niaouli. It has cleansing properties that support appearance of skin. .
My favorite use is post workout— makes your body feel refreshed and at ease. Ladies, it is also great for use during PMS!!

Happy Galentine’s from our gals to yours. These four are SO loved ❤️ #myblocyear #inpricehillasitisinheaven

simple joys today— the sun is shining, I got an iced tea lemonade and it reminded me of summer, I had the AC on in the car for a bit, I’ve listened to Dream With Me by John Perkins on audiobook during my drive and it was hair washing day!! It’s a good day to have a good day. #myblocyear

When you have the natural sweeteners 😍 thanks @target and @wholefoodscincy anyone else get local honey to combat allergies in spring?

Traveled to watch Coach Chloe on the court and meet some of her people. I love watching you lead. I always leave encouraged after time together. Also got to smell ALL the oils. #myblocyear

Bergamot has a light citrus aroma.
It can be used to seafood when grilling. It can also be used with blue agave when baking.
It is great to diffuse at home or in a classroom to create an uplifting, positive environment.
It has a calming aroma that is best during unsettling times.
This is not included in a starter kit, but it is one of my favorites.

Just around the river bend to KY

A special birthday gift from a special girl 😍❤️❤️ #myblocyear

Young Living has a line of oils that are called the Vitality Oils and you are able to ingest them! They are dietary essential oils. You can put oils in your water to “spice” up the flavor without all those harmful sugars used in flavored water. They can be ingested by putting a few drops in a vegetable capsule with a carrier oil. You can use your vitality oils for cooking, too. Vitality oils come in four categories: herb, spice, citrus, and supplement. These four all come in a starter kit.

One of my favorite date nights by far. Long distance has taught me that relationships are hard but time together is treasured. I sure do love my time with this guy.

I was literally in shock walking in the door haha greatest surprise ever!!

My birthday would not be the same without my sweet love. I’m so thankful for the way he chooses to love me 💛 I got spoiled with brunch, Target, cupcakes AND dinner overlooking the city 😍😍

I am so blessed by these friends and so many more not pictured. Yesterday we broke out of an escape game. Today I had a special dinner with Trevor (to Italian, our tradition) and then came home to a surprise party with my closest friends at BLOC. I am so thankful for these people and the way they love me. Today I’ve felt cherished and loved because of these people. Thank you for all of the treats, laughs, and memories. I wouldn’t trade these people for anything! 💛💛💛 #myblocyear

Here’s to my 23rd year of life in the greatest city 🎉 •
PS finally the age of my birthday! #jordanyear

I just got my starter kit!! I’ve been hooked on oils for a while now but I never knew the differences between other brands and Young Living. I have now experienced first hand the impact of these little bottles. And now I have my own set!!! I’ve partnered with a great team and I’m super excited to get started on my healthier, chemical-free journey. And you all get to be with me from the beginning!
A starter kit includes all these oils pictured AND a diffuser 😍
Some DIY projects are coming soon!!
If you’d like to learn more about Young Living, essential oils and their benefits, or would like to purchase a starter kit, I’d love to talk more! Or maybe there’s a few oils you’ve been wanting to try, I’d love to add them to my order for wholesale cost so you can try them out.

The crispness of sunset last night. #myblocyear

Just a normal Tuesday night with the girls #myblocyear

I finished 2 books this week thanks to @audible_com — I recommend both of these gems. Grace Not Perfection by @emilyley is about living a simple life and living in the moment, while Braving the Wilderness by @brenebrown is about feeling like you belong in the middle of a lonely wilderness.

Lower Price Hill has changed in so many ways since I’ve been here but one thing is true, this community is loyal. #inpricehillasitisinheaven #myblocyear

Who else is excited about 50 degree weather, because we definitely are. I’m thankful for Friday’s with these sweet friends!! 🎉 #myblocyear

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