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  I've puked in front of a lot of important people.

maybe not the most memorable piece from Marisa Merz show BUT I'm 4 SURE tryna get my house to look the way this setup feels

Is my alias too obvious?

totally bitchin', man. happy fathers day 💕

"¡VANITY!" Starring: ME !!!!!

I saw this picture of my grandpa and finally understood why I am the way I am.

to my luv on our special day.. I want you to know I packed a robe that I absolutely do not need for this trip JUST so I can show it to you in person. (& in celebration of our shared love for the frivolous and bougie)

Oh.. so this must be what people see when they think of me

My Mother, a damsel in distress

tasteful nudes

self tape take 15 (or the face of a young actress debating if it'd just be easier to sell her soul)

actual footage of the inside of my brain

The Building After the Gap, the location of one of my most treasured vacations. Grandma, may you never stop hitting thieves over the head with ketchup bottles...

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