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Micaela ミカエラ  13 years of living in Japan, 10 years of blogging it. Sharing my life with two handsome pets and one handsome boy. カナダ生まれ日本育ちです。犬と猫と彼氏と一緒に日常生活を英語で発信中♫

Things are looking up ⤴︎

This gorgeous field of “baby blue eyes” is currently in full bloom at Umi No Nakamichi Seaside Park. It’s a bit of a trip from Fukuoka City Center, but on a sunny day it’s a perfect place for a scenic picnic.
This field of blue is so ethereal I feel like it’s what some people imagine heaven looks like. 😇🕊
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Don’t look at me 👀👀👀 📸@tatsuphotos

A wild Seaking appeared. 野生のアズマオウが現れた!(^^) #アートアクアリウム展 #博多 #福岡写真部 #fukuokapics #福岡 #fukuoka #goldfish #fishtank #pokemon

Yesterday we decided to charge our cameras and check out the Art Aquarium on the 9th floor of Hakata Station. It’s basically a big dark room filled with designer goldfish tanks, but the ambience is really relaxing and on weekdays, it isn’t crowded either. It’s a perfect playground for photo junkies, although the constantly moving subjects and low-light makes it hard for amateurs like me. 😭😭😭 #fukuoka #fukuokapics #福岡写真部 #アートアクアリウム展 #博多駅 #福岡イベント #fukuokaevent #artaquarium #hakata #kyushu #travelasia #exploreasia

Ahh. I’ve been posting too many selfies! Tatsu and I will try to get out later this week and shoot some scenery and lifestyle stuff (I never wanted to be a selfie account!) This weekend I’ve been stuck indoors writing a ... very big “paper” that’s due tomorrow. It’ll be satisfying it when it’s done, but for now I can’t really go anywhere or edit any videos and I’m feeling so restless and bored. 😭😭😭

Feeling fresh! 🌿🌺 It’s interesting to see how different photographers can shoot a similar subject and wind up with completely different portraits! This one was taken by @masa_404 and I love the dynamic movement! He takes a lot of great portraits and organizes a lot of the Instameet in Fukuoka, so if you’re interested—give him a follow!
#fukuoka #fukuokapics #福岡写真部 #水城跡 #dazaifu #ハルガキタmeet0408

To be honest, I wasn’t feeling all that confident yesterday because of my allergies (and general exhaustion I think), and I wasn’t really looking to have my own photo taken too much at the meetup, but @dai_h777 snapped this photo and he was really excited to give it to me—he even air dropped it to my iPhone so I could have it right away! I wasn’t feeling cute, but seeing the photos he took, my brain felt relieved, like, “Oh! That isn’t so bad!”
Sometimes when we get inside our own heads, all we can see is our own faults and insecurities, but the people around us can help us gain a fresh perspective and help us see the good in ourselves and I think that’s pretty cool.

#ハルガキタmeet0408 #fukuoka #japan #福岡写真部 #fukuokapics #instameet

It’s not often that mainland friends make their way down to Kyushu for a visit! So I was pretty excited to meet Chris and Lily when they came to #Fukuoka today! We met up for lunch at Fishman in #Imaizumi, and then moved on to Hot Chocolate at Green Bean To Bar in #Tenjin, before ending up at Bubby’s in #Daimyo for a slice of pie. The weather may have kept us indoors but it was still a nice day with good company. 😊😊😊

Did you know #HaNoi has a #unicorncafe? Neither did we, until we passed it one day on our way to our hotel. Rainbow cake, decadent milkshakes and unicorn onesies? Yeah, sure, why not?

No idea if this is related to the #unicorncafe in #bangkok or just a #vietnam copycat, but it was fun to step away from reality and be silly for a hot second.

This is my first time in Hoi An and I have to say, I find it a lot easier to wander around in than Hanoi. I’m buying custom made clothing today. This body suit I got in Thailand is nice, but to be honest it gives me a cameltoe so I’m excited to get some clothes made that actually fit my body type. 😂😂😂

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