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Chyna Hazel-Polkinghorne  (me on my wedding day) "can I stay in the car? Adelaide - Melbourne •Patrick Studios Australia Academy•

when your winged eyeliner isn't even

When you make fun of a video game arcade only to later spend $30 there #gotcha

My favourite jewy this side of Saint Louis

i call this look "shut up and gimme your money punk... but if you say no like that's totally fine I like 100% understand, oh and follow me on tumblr"

dessert for breakfast? guess i'll be having eggs after dinner 🍳 thanks @tinkernorthcote for putting all other breakfast menu items to shame

me: can we get dessert?
dad: we have icecream at home
me: i beg your pardon?

not so royal @liveroyal_

flat hair day feels

finally fulfilling my teenage stereotype by standing on rooftops at sunset whilst listening to edgy music @kimberleyhaifa

cross the body bags are back y'all and they are no longer exclusively for mums to fill with healthy snacks for their children or IT consultants

me, mavournee and our uncle... oh wait, no.... that's just finn

happy 21st birthday to my low-key idol and high-key best friend ❤ love you so so much boo @mavournee_hazel

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