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Chyanne.Sixteen.Canadian.  Old account of @frozen_bones New account is @frozen_bones

I switched to @frozen_bones so if you still want to see my photography head on over to that active account 💕

Quick reminder: I moved to @frozen_bones so yeah go follow because this account will rarely be active

Before & After of that one space photo I did. Also in case you didn't know, I moved on over to @frozen_bones

Hey guys! Quick announcement. I've moved accounts. I used to be @frozen_bones but I changed my username and I'll probably be ten times more active on there. So if you wanna continue to follow my photography just go on and follow me there! Thanks :)

Untitled ||| Only posting because I dyed my hair and it looks epic ✌️

A Breath of Infinity. |~ yes another photo like this. I've officially made it into a series based on this whole entire idea on how insignificant we are in the universe yet how everything we do is important to a certain extent. ||| also I've been sick for the last three days and it sucks because I'm coughing 24/7 now. So much fun.

I See You in the Stars ||| continuation of the star series I'm doing which is a lot of fun considering it takes a lot of my skills to completely black out the background and add the stars and pick the contrast and etc. it takes me at least 3 hours per edit. So yeah. Bit on how I do that. ||| #girl #selfportrait #portrait #teenager #teenagegirl #instagood #2instagood #2instagoodportraitlove #photographyislifee #bleachmyfilm |||

It's taken me weeks to memorize this stupid section of this song (mostly just remembering the base notes really but still) #americanpie #screwthissong #takestoolongtememorize

Blurred. || This isn't originally black and white but I decided to take away the colour for today. Also I'm so exhausted. Staying up till 3 is not a go when you have to wake up at 10. 👍 ||| #girl #selfportrait #portrait #teenager #teenagegirl #instagood #2instagood #minipoppage #2instagoodportraitlove #slowshutter #blackandwhite |||

After the Dark ||| I wanted to catch the great lighting yesterday so I did this. Just kidding I wanted to be Bucky Barnes.

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