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christi with an i  i like making weird noises too

see the line where the sky meets the seaaaa? i sent it to voicemail

hire me as ur mortician because im gonna emBALM this stats final. also i can prep dead bodies as exhibited above

get urself a pseuds that will sing non-lyrical edm songs with u

i came down from SB to come up in SD #ledanniversary

will you be my ........o khan?

there was an @iamtheelephante in the room

make sure u have a proper ewok to girl ratio for frat party admission

the grinch was mean because he was still flaccid like this xmas tree

the tree ain't the only thing that's lit!!!!!!

mixtape picking up soon

the only white boys i will ever like #louisthechild

happy whatever you celebrate from christianak and karl tantay

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