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filipino princess  yay area, sjsu | milk tea, stars & serg β™‘

bby pink & everything

my hair is a mess & so is my life ✨

shoutout to Nike outlets ❣️

9 + 10 = 19 but y'all keep saying 20

usa all duh way because...
s eem
a lright

we aren't matching | thanks for letting us see everything πŸ’•

love seeing the lights & them πŸ’•

in honor of finishing my first yr of college here's a before & after transformation πŸ˜…

Spotted at Downtown Lodi: Serena & Blair finally reunited at the start of summer break. What's next up for their adventure? Who knows.
- xoxo Gossip Girl

the yellow flash in the back is God telling me no more milk tea breaks.

when u say bricks squad & a random Mo appears πŸ€”

no lie this last semester has been stressful, but thank you for an unforgettable night, much needed.

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