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When you finally get a chance to brush your own dog.. Poor Raven was looking a bit homeless! The old saying, the shoemakers daughter never has shoes, is sometimes true. She's looking much better now though!

Everyone. Meet Archie! His chair is coarse everywhere but the top of his head. Which is super curly! He's so flipping cute!!

Sorry in advance for the long post!
My little guy Elliot and I went to Champion Grooming Show in Ontario to compete to gain points to hopefully be on Groom Team Canada again. This was his first time ever flying, staying in a hotel, and going to a grooming competition. And I am so happy to say he handled everything wonderfully! He's my nervous boy when it comes to new things and strangers due to anxiety issues. But, with the help of Dr. Orchard at Orchard Vet Clinic, he has started to come out of his shell. I promised him that if he showed any signs of being uncomfortable at the show, I would have walked out of the ring. His comfort is always first. HE WAS A ROCKSTAR!! The fact that he relaxed so quickly in multiple new situations, was HUGE!! He even made some new human friends. He actually jumped up on my friends lap after only meeting her less than two hours beforehand! ❤️💕💖😍
This was also my first time competing with a Welsh Terrier in their correct grooming trim. Handstripping. It's a technique that involves removing the dead hair that's ready to be romoved to make room for new hair by plucking or pulling VS clipping or scissoring it off. It's what helps Terriers keep that hard coat that protects them from the elements. Elliot and I won FIRST PLACE!! I was over the moon! This type of grooming is extremely technical, and involves sometimes more than weekly maintaining. That's why a lot of people with Terriers choose to clip the coat instead. It's very high maintenance. Clipping it isn't bad by any means. It's just easier for someone who isn't showing their Terrier.
I also competed with an Irish Setter in the Sporting dogs class, and placed third! And a SUPER FLUFFY Cocker Spaniel in the Salon Freestyle class (which means you can use a purebred or mixed breed dog, and groom it in and style you prefer. As long as it's not in the traditional groom if it's purebred) and also placed third!
I love competing and I'm so thankful to have such amazing girls at the salon to take care of the place while I'm gone, and wonderful clients that cheer me on and give support!

Toupee Tuesday!! Carl is looking a little haggered today. He arrived home pretty late last night after flying in from London. Obviously he was there to attend the Royal Wedding. He was one of the first guests to be invited.
He says the wedding was beautiful. But, the best part was the reception. It turned into such a party that Carl returned home WITHOUT his tuxedo.. This is mostly because he convinced a bunch of fellow guests to go streaking through the Royal gardens! He's refusing to tell us who joined him though. After all, Carl is not a gossip monger. #toupeetuesday #orangekitties #gingercat #catsofinstagram @theellenshow

Some of the adorable floofers that came on today! Charlie, Coco, and Neesha! ❤️🐾 #bestjobever #saskatoongroomers

Toupee Tuesday!! Carl is turning up his nose at us. He has decided to broaden his current food spectrum. He's demanding that we feed him a different type of cuisine each night this week.. Tonight, he would liked to be served fresh salmon garnished with micro greens and a balsamic reduction. We made him a rice pilaf to accompany the salmon. But, he's informed us that he's cutting back on carbs to help maintain his curvy physique.. #toupeetuesday #bobandcarl #orangekitties #gingercat #catsofinstagram @theellenshow

Toupee Tuesday!! You know when you go out for supper, and you have leftovers? And then the next day you get so excited at work because you know you have those yummy leftovers to eat? But, you get up in the morning to go grab said leftovers, and someone else ate them?? And you get so mad because you were looking forward to a tastey snack! Well, Bob's expression says it all. And I'll give you one guess as to which orange cat ate them... #toupeetuesday #bobandcarl #orangekitties #gingercat #catsofinstagram @theellenshow

Belated Toupee Tuesday!! Sorry it's a day late! Carl was preoccupied with striking multiple poses, and checking out the Instagram filters.. He couldn't decide on which poses he wanted to post. And then he took FOREVER finding just the right filter to bring out his best features... #toupeetuesday #bobandcarl #orangekitties #gingercat #catsofinstagram @theellenshow

Toupee Tuesday!! Bob was really hoping that we would get snow instead of this freezing rain. But, he's still glad we're getting some moisture. This dry weather is making his Toupee so poofy sue to th static! #toupeetuesday #bobandcarl #orangekitties #gingercat #catsofinstagram @theellenshow

Toupee Tuesday!! And a happy new year, everyone! Bob and Carl had quite the shindig on new years. They were celebrating until the wee hours of the morning. As you can tell, Carl is still suffering from a but of a hangover from all the festivities! #toupeetuesday #bobandcarl #orangekitties #gingercat #catsofinstagram @theellenshow

Toupee Tuesday! OOOOHHHHHH.... YOU BETTER WATCH OUT, YOU BETTER NOT CRY, YOU BETTER NOT POUT, I'M TELLING YOU WHY. SANTA BOB IS COMING TO TOWN!!!!! #toupeetuesday #bobandcarl #orangekitties #gingercat #catsofinstagram @theellenshow

Toupee Tuesday!! Carl is currently stretching out his paws. He spent the weekend doing one of his favourite hobbies. Making soap. Carl has been an avid soap maker for years now. He mostly makes it for personal usage. But, every once in a while he gets a request for some from a friend. This time it was a request for some "Christmas scented" soap. So, he used balsam fir essential oils to create a wonderful holiday smell. It brings just the right amount of seasonal cheer while you wash your hands. Carl was quite impressed with this batch and is actually making some for himself now. #toupeetuesday #bobandcarl @theellenshow

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