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Churchill Dog Groomers 

Toupee Tuesday!! Carl is turning up his nose at us. He has decided to broaden his current food spectrum. He's demanding that we feed him a different type of cuisine each night this week.. Tonight, he would liked to be served fresh salmon garnished with micro greens and a balsamic reduction. We made him a rice pilaf to accompany the salmon. But, he's informed us that he's cutting back on carbs to help maintain his curvy physique.. #toupeetuesday #bobandcarl #orangekitties #gingercat #catsofinstagram @theellenshow

Toupee Tuesday!! You know when you go out for supper, and you have leftovers? And then the next day you get so excited at work because you know you have those yummy leftovers to eat? But, you get up in the morning to go grab said leftovers, and someone else ate them?? And you get so mad because you were looking forward to a tastey snack! Well, Bob's expression says it all. And I'll give you one guess as to which orange cat ate them... #toupeetuesday #bobandcarl #orangekitties #gingercat #catsofinstagram @theellenshow

Belated Toupee Tuesday!! Sorry it's a day late! Carl was preoccupied with striking multiple poses, and checking out the Instagram filters.. He couldn't decide on which poses he wanted to post. And then he took FOREVER finding just the right filter to bring out his best features... #toupeetuesday #bobandcarl #orangekitties #gingercat #catsofinstagram @theellenshow

Toupee Tuesday!! Bob was really hoping that we would get snow instead of this freezing rain. But, he's still glad we're getting some moisture. This dry weather is making his Toupee so poofy sue to th static! #toupeetuesday #bobandcarl #orangekitties #gingercat #catsofinstagram @theellenshow

Toupee Tuesday!! And a happy new year, everyone! Bob and Carl had quite the shindig on new years. They were celebrating until the wee hours of the morning. As you can tell, Carl is still suffering from a but of a hangover from all the festivities! #toupeetuesday #bobandcarl #orangekitties #gingercat #catsofinstagram @theellenshow

Toupee Tuesday! OOOOHHHHHH.... YOU BETTER WATCH OUT, YOU BETTER NOT CRY, YOU BETTER NOT POUT, I'M TELLING YOU WHY. SANTA BOB IS COMING TO TOWN!!!!! #toupeetuesday #bobandcarl #orangekitties #gingercat #catsofinstagram @theellenshow

Toupee Tuesday!! Carl is currently stretching out his paws. He spent the weekend doing one of his favourite hobbies. Making soap. Carl has been an avid soap maker for years now. He mostly makes it for personal usage. But, every once in a while he gets a request for some from a friend. This time it was a request for some "Christmas scented" soap. So, he used balsam fir essential oils to create a wonderful holiday smell. It brings just the right amount of seasonal cheer while you wash your hands. Carl was quite impressed with this batch and is actually making some for himself now. #toupeetuesday #bobandcarl @theellenshow

Toupee Tuesday!! Well its the last Tuesday of November and Bob is so excited! He loves the Christmas season. As soon as December hits, he's kicks it into high gear with all his Christmas cheer! He sings Christmas carols everyday, bakes yummy cookies and cakes for everyone to share, and he busts out the rum and eggnog! Hopefully, he shares that as well! #toupeetuesday #bobandcarl #orangekitties #gingercat #catsofinstagram #bobandcarlwantellentoknowhowcooltheyare @theellenshow

When the smallest one looses the most hair! And this was just undercoat on all of them. My dogs are hair machines.. #carlphotobomb

Toupee Tuesday!! Bob decided against a Toupee today. He was busy showing off his comfy winter sweater. Bob LOVES sweater season! His favourite winter activity is getting cozy in his sweater, and drinking a Hot Toddy. Also, he knows how stylish he looks when he rocks a sweater! #toupeetuesday #bobandcarl #orangekitties #gingercat #catsofinstagram @theellenshow

Throwback Toupee Tuesday! Bob and Carl hope that everyone has a spooktacular Halloween!!!

Toupee Tuesday!! Carl has been on a bit of a hiatus from Toupee Tuesday. He was away for awhile. He spent some time in South Africa, Australia and Argentina touring some vineyards. You see, Carl is considering opening his own vineyard! He had been struggling though with what type of wine to specialize in. He favours a good full bodied Malbec. But, he also enjoys a nice Cabernet Sauvignon. He and a bunch of his wine connoisseur friends spent many an afternoon/evening while he was away "testing" multiple wines. Carl ended up with many a hangover on his trip.. But, he says it was well worth it! He's going to spend some more time thinking about what type of wine he would like to make, and he'll hopefully let us know! #toupeetuesday @theellenshow , look how cool my cats are!!

Toupee Tuesday!! Carl is pretty upset right now. He has been preparing for an audition for the Broadway musical The Lion King for months. He hired a vocal coach, dance instructor, fitness guru, and a nutritionist all in preparation for this. Only to find out that they don't actually have real animals on the show! It's just humans!! What the heck!? @theellenshow #toupeetuesday

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting mini bios for each of the groomers at the salon. I am very fortunate to have such an amazing group of groomers here! So, I want to let everyone know how great they are!

Jess has been at the Salon for almost two years now. Most people don't see her, because she is usually in the back of the salon. She is my bather/dryer. Being a bather dryer is one of the toughest jobs at a grooming salon. You spend the day wet from dogs splashing you, or warm from using the dryers all day. It's also tough because this can be a scary place for the pups. Our dryers are noisy, and sometimes that makes the dogs nervous. It's also air blowing at them, and they don't understand why. So Jess takes take time to make sure every dog is comfortable as they can be while she gets them all clean and fluffy for us. She talks them through it, and gives them snuggles if they need it. (She snuggles them anyway!) Jess has so much compassion for animals. She is one the kindest people I have met. Watching her take the extra time with each dog is amazing. I always know that every dog is safe in her care. She quickly won the hearts of my three pups. They also know how to con her into taking them for a traditional walks during the work day. Carling in notorious for guilt-tripping Jess with her big brown eyes.
In her spare time, Jess likes to spend time at her family cabin when she gets the chance. She also had an interest in photography, and would like to get more involved in that. Jess also enjoys pet/house-sitting. She has watched my crew a few times, and does such an amazing job! I never have to worry about my pets while I'm gone.
Her favourite kinds of dogs have definitely been influenced by some of the dogs we groom here. She loves Pitbull/Boxer mixes (due to Mable that belongs to some good friends of mine) Keeshonds (Kasey is the influence for this one!), AND Chaos and Cash the Malamutes! But, as you can tell by the picture, she has a soft spot for all the furkids. ☺️

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting mini bios for each of the groomers at the salon. I am very fortunate to have such an amazing group of groomers here! So, I want to let everyone know how great they are!
Lonnie has been at the salon since 2002. She originally started as a bather/dryer. But, soon started grooming. She is compassionate, kind, and has so much consideration for each of her furry clients. She has participated in many seminars to continue learning in our industry. She loves her fellow co-workers and being around the dogs everyday. She is always willing to lend a hand whenever there is someone in need. She also enjoys the challenges of this field and that everyday is different. Each day has a new dog that she gets to help make comfortable and stylish! Even though she doesn't groom them, she LOVES cats. Whenever Bob and Carl are sporting hats for Toupee Tuesday, I can guarantee you that Lonnie made that hat. Carl loves her so much, that he actually sleeps on her table while she's grooming her dogs!
She has three cats of her own at home named Pippin, Luna, and Weasley. As you may be able to tell by her cats names, she is a huge Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fan. (Also, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Marvel, Battlestar Galactica, and Game of Thrones!) She also had two amazing and wonderful children.
Lonnie is my salon manager when I am away, and I would not be where I am today without her. She works her tail off here. I can not even begin to express how much I appreciate her. ❤️

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting mini bios for each of the groomers at the salon. I am very fortunate to have such an amazing group of groomers here! So, I want to let everyone know how great they are!
Shawna originally worked at another salon in the city, and then joined the Churchill family in 2013. She has grown so much since she started here. She is so patient and caring with the dogs. Her eagerness to learn has benefited her in more ways then one. Her confidence inside and outside of the salon has grown. She was so quiet when she first started. But has come completely out of her shell, and has built some great relationships with her clients. And she has become an amazing groomer, and such a vital part of this salon.
In the last two years, Shawna decided to step completely out of her comfort zone and start competing at grooming competitions. Last year, she attended Mastergrooom Canada. Which is the number one show in Canada. She placed Second in both of her classes!! During Shawna's spare time, she takes care of children for a few families that she has known for awhile. She LOVES children. So it's not surprising that she has said she hopes to one day work with children as a career.
Shawna has two dogs of her own at home named Nikki and Vincent. Anyone who knows about the group of Dachshunds that ended up at the SPCA will recognize Vincent as Colonel Mustard. Well, when those dogs came in for their emergency grooms, Shawna took care of Colonel Mustard. He was in incredibly bad condition. He was so matted that it wasn't until the matts were removed that we all noticed he was actually missing most of his left ear. Hence the name Vincent. She fell absolutely in love with him. So, it was very fitting that he ended up coming home with her. ❤️

Finn came in for his very first spa day today! He was such a sweetheart and a rockstar for his grooming. ❤️

Toupee Tuesday!!! This is Carl's first appearance on our official Instagram page for Toupee Tuesday! The boys have been nagging me for months to get with the times, and let them have an Instagram page. They want everyone to have the opportunity to see their glorious toupees, and know about all their adventures. So, here you go boys! Now hopefully @theellenshow will finally see them! #toupeetuesday #bobandcarl #catsofinstagram #orangecatsarethebest

This handsome boy came in for a summertime style today. His name is Bobby and he was such a good boy for his trimming!

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