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Church of Zoidberg  Pro: Individualism Capitalism Volunteerism When you take an innocent person's freedoms away, you have forfeited both your freedoms and your innocence.



It would be great is people from every country owned weapons to protect themselves from their dictatorial governments.

On the left, my height at 01/14/2018
On the right, my height at 04/20/2014
I haven't grown even half an inch in the past 4 years

There is no video of Trump insulting 3rd world countries. There is no audio of Trump insulting 3rd world countries. There is no transcript or any verifiable evidence of any kind that President Trump insulted 3rd world countries. None. And even if he did, he wouldn't have been wrong.

ALSO I just love how sneaky I was with my sleight of hand! I honestly forgot I did this and didn't remember until we watched in editing!

Here's a little snipit from the Smash-Hit, critically acclaimed, Box-office POWERHOUSE that is "MLP FIM Yahtzee Ft. Jeremiah"! !
Full video on Alexis Apodaca's (@reverentshadows) YouTube Channel or you can just smash that link in her bio! πŸ‘†

Hey Ya'll! I've been thinking about this for a long time actually, but if you have any Anarchist or Libertarian friends who think "oh boy wouldn't the world be great with out borders?" STOP THEM. To abolish National borders is to Abolish PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS. And unless you're a dirty Communist (in which case do not touch me) then you should believe in National Borders as they operate on the same principles as Private Property Rights!
Full 2 minute video in my Bio! ☝ Check it out an don't forget to drop a like and subscribe!
Special Shoutout to @reverentshadows for letting me use her camera, editing equipment, AND film on her beautiful location! Thank you so much!
And of course special shoutout to @ctrl_a_merica for featuring my video in Her Instagram Story! I greatly appreciate your support!
Incase I'm using too much shop talk, I would like to define some terms:
Non-aggression Principle - You don't have the right to use force on anyone unless they use force against you first.
Free Association of People - You have the right to associate with, or not associate with, anyone you want.

It is completely safe to say that I will not be voting for Oprah Winfrey in 2020. She should stick to running her successful charities. Except the one in Johannesburg South Africa of course.
Coerced for exploitation from @thelastgreatstand

"Where do you see yourself in 10 years?"

Now I don't have any evidence that the SAME people who claim there are more than 2 genders also claim President Trump has mental issues, but come on, it's entirely plausible.
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America has not had a good democratic politician since 1963. Vote Libertarian!
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