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Church of Zoidberg  Loose lips sink ships, don't upset OPSEC! When you take an innocent person's rights away, you have forfeited both your rights and your innocence.

I call this my 3-Dollar-Suit.
This jacket probably cost me 3 dollars at Goodwill, is too big on me, I don't have any pin stripe pants to go with it, heck, I'm actually wearing CARGO pants, AND it's a ladies jacket.
But I ask you, at first glance did you notice any of that? I think I can pull off looking good for cheap, at least for now, I'll probably upgrade in the future.

Never gets old

I hope you never win public office you absolute loon.

I shoulda been an Airman in the Navy so I can see this view every day :p oh well I still love my job

I am supremely thankful for the Navy

Lil Uniform Inspection on the flight deck before muster last night :3 don't worry @maroman2016 I got RTC covered after you leave :p

Random photos and videos from out to Sea

I've probably been told I look like Joe Dirt at least 20 times in my life by complete strangers

All Navy pilots are commissioned officers. Imagine going to college, going through Officer Candidate School, becoming a leader of your fellow sailors, then still doing this. He deserves the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement medal.

Imagine literally hating yourself, your siblings, and your parents, out of spite for some politician.
I have doubts that this man could ever fend for himself, let alone another family. He and his kind will not prosper.

Let em blow, Let em blow!
Let the four winds blow!
From the East, to the West
Mighty Navy is the best!
Photo thanks to Airman @sierrasm422 😁

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