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俊亦  I hug people that i hate, so i know how big to dig the hole in my backyard.

Happy ORD my brothers! NS haven't been easy and there have been ups and downs aside from your NS phase, but I knew you guys could pull it off like a breeze. I hope these 2 years have been a great learning journey for you guys and I'm proud to witness you guys being from boys turning into grown ass men. 3 years of nonsense and 2 years of your life, now it's time to move on to your next phase of lives. To freedom! 🍻

Clean bike clean ride. Satisfaction of washing your own ride.
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The road less travelled.

Long overdue photo feat. @iewgnehz
As fast as these 2 years had been in a blink of an eye, it sure wasn't easy for you. I'm glad to witness you transforming from a greenie to a full-fledged frogman. A new chapter of life (& your pink IC) awaits you out here from now on, WHO鸭!

All day err day, meat and BROtatoes.

When they wanted food and all you had on your hand was nothing. #throwback #cyonemanshow

need that rollercoaster ride right now. #throwback

Is it Chinese New Year already?

oh yes everyday is a "cham" day 👌 @eugeneseejr

Full attendence for the wolfpack. 💯
I am happy to witness this milestone in your life. Wishing you a happy and blissful marriage and may the days ahead be filled with wonderfully happy times with @priscilla_chin .
P.s. @eugeneseejr you're not angel in disguise, but getting ready because you know what's coming next. 🌚


Big day for our alpha. 🎎


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