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Esther C  Used to take care of many kids, now just concentrating on one...

CNY Day 2!

I'm a hongbao collector ... and I'm just getting started!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! (Nap in progress... #donotdisturb) I can't eat any CNY goodies so I'll eat the cloth.

14 weeks old: still can't flip yet but I'm constantly training my muscles!

Same same but older. Happy Quarter Year Birthday, my boy!

A magic carpet ride... to see the living room from a whole new angle.

Enjoying tummy time together!

There are some good days and some not so good days. Good days are when he goes promptly to nap at nap times. Not so good days have him peeing over himself twice in the morning, and then get all cranky and difficult at his naptime. These two photos were taken just two minutes apart... just when I thought I can get a break, his eyes are wide open again. Nooooooo...

Funny story behind this video. Every morning I'll tell the baby "good morning" or that "it's morning". So last night after the baby had gone off to sleep, I was showing the husband this video I took from one morning. The moment my voice in the video went "It's morning!" our sleeping baby's eyes flew wide open. Husband tried to soothe the confused baby, "No no, it's not morning. Go back to sleep." I just LOL-ed.

At church the other day in his very formal pilot uniform. Doesn't he look so grown up? Don't know how he can make his eyebrows like that all the time.

2 months old today! Yay!

This is my boy at 2am this morning. While everyone is heading off to work/school today, I begin my year of being a full time mum! Not exactly the most cooperative of starts though cos he has been waking up at 2 hour intervals for feeds all night...

Aiyo. Ah ma tried to read book to him but he kept yawning, dozing or looking elsewhere... In the end ah ma said he so young already finds reading stressful. This boy still only likes to eat and sleep. Ah boy ahhhh!!!

Hmmm... which one should I choose? (Zzz...actually mummy and daddy brought me to the shop to look look and take photos only. They had no intention of buying me stuff!)

Just so cute sometimes, even when his eyes are wide awake at 4+am. Background noise is that of husband washing the changing mat after he peed on himself and it then.

What is he looking at?

Good habits (and role modelling) start from young! Must be fit like daddy, smart like mummy! Haha

Chubby baby!

Making our chubby kid do some exercise

24 days old: Act cute pose during tummy time. At least this angle hides my double chin.

20 days old: having a mini worship session with mummy! (I know my clothes make me look very unglam.)

First time being left alone for so long with the baby, cos husband finally went to work. Decided to treat myself to a good birthday breakfast and luckily the baby is entertained by a cloth book in the meantime... (I just need to turn the pages every now and then)

👶 and 🐧

During my pregnancy and the first few days after delivery, I just never felt like taking/posting photos of myself because I knew I looked like a massive whale. Hahaha. But I kept some hideous photos to compare with how I look now... (almost 2 weeks postpartum). I'm still a lot heavier than what I used to be, but at least I don't look like so unglam and bloated now.

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