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Esther C  Used to take care of many kids, now just concentrating on one...

Just like Mummy, he loves mango! Despite it being a difficult fruit to handle (so slippery!) he put in extra effort to get as much flesh/juice as he could.

Baby has learnt how to lift up the cot bumper. On another note, it's so funny to see him 'responding' to my knock/call!

Daddy and Mummy kept saying my hair very ugly and so I finally went for my first haircut today! Before you start laughing at me and say I where got any hair to cut, I have hair ok! (Just very little...) And there's a difference in the before and after pics - esp in the sideburns.

Have been "training" him to drink from a straw (in an open cup) for the past month with no result. Then yesterday we decided to just let him try the Munchkin straw bottle again and miraculously he knew right away how to suck the water up! So to celebrate this little milestone, I stuck his name sticker onto his bottle. He's getting ready for school...

One of my ex-students commented that he remembered I shared about my World Cup experience in class 4 years ago. Come to think of it, after June hols every year, I often shared about my overseas trips with my classes (prob just to kill time during one of those first lessons of the term haha). I started digging up the photos of my June travels over the past four years, and wow, there have been quite some adventures! 2014 was Paris/Barcelona/Brazil, 2015 was Australia (Melbourne/Tasmania), 2016 was our honeymoon in the States and 2017 was the babymoon in Australia (Darwin/Uluru/Kangaroo Island). This year with the little one in tow, it hasn't been so exciting (just a cruise and then JB), but after I saw those old photos, I definitely miss some of those adventurous days (and my old body - I never knew I looked so slim and pretty back then! Wahahaha)

Watching World Cup on RTM TV2. No, we aren't being pirates, but we are actually watching it from our hotel room in JB. But the quality looks like what I might get if I tune my antenna from SG. Baby's asleep already and we are trying to enjoy our RM25 ba zhang while watching TV (what an expensive ba zhang!)

Left, right, left, right...

We're going on a cruise! 🚒

It's tonight! Go Liverpool!!!

Halfway through dinner, Baby got upset cos gums pain pain. Another tooth coming out now, it seems. But he immediately calmed down when Mummy gave him a gigantic pear ring. (Of course he didn't eat the whole thing.) SOOOO BIG!!!!

Breakfast this morning was banana blueberry muffins (again). Lunch was potato/spinach/carrot 'patty' + steamed pork rice ball + broccoli.
Both meals were served with papaya and pear for fruit and finished with a cold cucumber 'teething ring'. Before the baby, our fridge was always so empty. At most it'll only have one veg/fruit + a meat at any time. Now I feel like a fruit/veg stall. We have spinach, broccoli, carrot, pumpkin, cucumber, old cucumber, papaya, banana, mango, pear... πŸ˜‚

My baby is very appreciative of his mummy's effort. Never mind that Mummy isn't a good cook like Daddy. Never mind that Mummy's potato patty thingy didn't have the right baked texture. He just stuffs everything into his mouth like he loves it anyway. πŸ˜‚
Dinner will be Daddy's job.

My first Mothers' Day card! πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜ Husband tried to make it more of Baby's effort so Baby personally plucked out the leaves, was forced to have his little hands traced out by his dad (I don't think he was happy about that though) and scribbled patterns on the card. Such a nice card right?
Thank you baby and hubby! 😍

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