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鍾嘉欣 official  appreciate, love, cherish... Work enquiries: Pansy 2335 2113 Or

Have a cherry day!
Cherries are so good for you: high in Potassium (good for heart and blood pressure), Vitamin C, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, natural source of melatonin (makes us sleepy and calming effect), rich in beta carotene, strong antioxidant, etc...What's not to love... #kellymommy

I've safely arrived to Vancouver. And sooooo happy that our plants have grown sooo well....Yay!

Kelly's gifts, not mine:) Sweet... #mothercarehk

Last time I asked u guys what I was doing in tvb. I forgot to answer. bad. Answer is: I was recording a new song for 哪吒 drama.

Ever since being a mom, I've changed my diet. I juice literally everyday and eat plant based foods. It's harder to do that in HK, but on this trip I got my juices:) thanks:) I am nutrified:) #mrgreenjuice

What a wonderful surprise gift. Thank you!

I believe children are our future. Lets cherish them, guide them, teach them, love them, encourage them, support them. Make sure they grow up to 爱自己, cuz each and every one of them are unique and beautiful in there own ways! It's such an honour to help 聖公會聖基道兒童院. Please support too! Thank you!


Wingyan, my dearest sweetest fan: you've left such a legacy behind. Legacy not meaning all your accomplishments on earth but all the lives you've touched. You have a magic smile that brings so much joy. You have such amazing strength of no other 21 year old I've known. And even thru ur pain and sickness, you still tried to make everyone happy. You are such a mature, loving, wise soul. I love you. And I thank-you so much for being a part of my life. Your soul will continue to live on and we will always feel you. May you truly rest in peace now and may I ask for prayers for Wingyans family. Prayers that will help them get over the grief and move forward. Thank you.

Nice day of sharing health tips:) Dress #tedbakerhk #tedbaker
Shoes #giuseppezanottidesign
Hair @jameshair813
Makeup @littlewhite_makeup
#田原香 #qchicken_tyx

Hi my sweetheart Kelly, even though my hands are getting so tired and sore from carrying you, even though you always yank my hair out, even though you make a mess when eating, even though mommy doesn't get enough sleep... and you're always under mischief🤣😂...Mommy will always love you. 😍😘 You're growing up so fast! You are my light, my heart, my soul, my everything.

#kellymommy #myinawemoments #myprecious


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