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  Campaign in poetry, govern in prose.

Chicken pox.

Love, like germs, is an invisible force. Its resilience and ability to multiply is unseen to the naked eye.

It is what evokes compassion instead of disgust, when cleaning up vomit for the 7th time in as many hours.

It is terrible gut-wrenching when you can hear your firstborn crying in pain for mummy, but you must stay in quarantine in order to protect the newborn from being infected.

It makes you wake up your own mother to pitch in... because her love, too, stretches to overlap with yours as a sweaty toddler's screams swallow the silence of the dawn.

It is thicker than the copious coffee that wakes you despite having not slept, it is sweeter than the spent spouse who claims they got enough rest.

It is a father who never even washed his own dishes after meals, turning into a grandfather who cooks our daily meals.

Love always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

Marry a man who makes ordinary life an adventure.

After a long day serving a demanding job, he picks the daughter up early from school and doesn't complain when she throws up in the car.

He scoops up her two-year-old convulsing body and bring her to clean up her vomit, still wearing his work clothes.

He remembers to pack a change of clothes for you both as you rush to the doctors, suggesting dinner when the wait proves long. He lets you sit in the restaurant and brings the child to change her diaper when diarrhoea sets in.

And after realizing that stomach flu is contagious, he cleans and disinfects everything while you get to clean yourself and feed the newborn.

Marry a man who, after finally getting to wash the day's vomit and diarrhoea off his skin, turns to you at the end of the weary day and says with a smile, "today was an adventure, wasn't it?"

Please I want to drink soup

Achievement unlocked : Breakfast outside with toddler and newborn. No meltdowns.

One month down, long way more to go. We got this, @danleemz

"Look at the camera and smile!"

Art or sensory play?


Heard that the food here is good. Chef looks legit.

No more child's play, the net closes in on Najib.
US Department of Justice today filed a lawsuit against individuals associated with the 1MDB international money laundering scandal.
Amount : $1 billion in assets sought for recovery, the largest ever in its Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative.
Assets include : high-end real estate and hotel properties in New York and Los Angeles, a $35 million jet aircraft, works of art by Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet, an interest in the music publishing rights of EMI Music and the production of the 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street.

Details :

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