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It is springtime and aspect and timing are crucial! Warm temperatures and long days are affecting the snowpack. Wet avalanches and glide releases are the main concerns! Get off of slopes if you are sinking into wet snow! Avoid travel under glide cracks. @chugachavy #wetslabs #longdays #playsafe #heliobs #dontmesswiththebrownfrown

Skier triggered avalanche in Triangle Bowl yesterday evening. 4th skier on the slope hit a thin rocky spot and skied off of the slab. Bed surface was the April Fool's storm rain crust. West aspect with mostly cold, dry snow. Thanks to the party involved for sharing this photo and the information. @chugachavy #persistentslab #triggerpoint #playsafe #springtimeavalanches

Lost Lake in the Southern Kenai mtn's earlier in the week. Avoidance of steep southerly slopes later in the day as the snowpack warms up will be key today and this week! Big thanks to John Schuiteman for these photos! #headsup #wetavalanches #playsafe

Avoid steep Southerly slopes this afternoon! Human and natural wet avalanches are likely, especially in areas with a thin snowpack. Avoid runout zones! Get off the slope if you start to sink in on your skis or snowmachine! Get the forecast! @chugachavy #wetslab #getoutofharmsway #springtime #southissketchy #timingiseverything

Snowmachine triggered avalanche crown up to 10-12' deep - mitten for scale. This was from a close call on Saturday Apr 8th in Jr's Bowl/2nd Bowl - triggered while climbing, rider was able to pin the throttle and ride uphill over the moving slab as it was breaking up underneath. Rider and snowmachine ended up on the bed surface unscathed - thankfully as this was a very large avalanche. We are very grateful these riders took the time to submit their full story - please see this and additional photos on's observation page. Heads Up that these types of slabs are still possible to trigger this week under sunny skies. #deepslabavalanches #nearmiss #dangerremains #playsafe #knowbeforeyougo

Multiple human triggered avalanches in Seattle Creek since Friday. A widespread layer of reactive buried surface hoar sitting under 3-10 feet of snow appears to be the culprit. With daily warming and temperatures in the 40F's the likelihood of triggering will increase in the afternoon and evenings. Cautious route finding and conservative decision making are essential! Photo credit: Dillin Koeckritz, Location: Main Bowl, Seattle Creek. #turnagainpass #cnfaic #gettheforecast #buriedsurfacehoar #springtimeinalaska #playsafe

A sunny Saturday less than 48 hrs after a 10 day storm cycle that laid down 2-5 feet thick slabs over weak snow warrants extra caution. The avalanche danger is CONSIDERABLE. This means human triggered avalanches are likely. Most avalanche fatalities occur with this danger rating because the snowpack hasn't adjusted to the load. There was a large snowmachine triggered slide in Main Bowl yesterday. Ease into terrain, pay attention to other groups and practice safe travel protocol. Get the forecast! Tell your friends. @chugachavy #playsafe #stayontop #buriedsurfacehoar #headsup

As the sky clears today, widespread avalanche carnage comes in to focus! Lots to look at for the #avalanchehunters after 6"+ of water weight was added to our snowpack over 11 days. It'll be key to ease into steeper terrain this weekend as our snowpack is still un-tested to human triggers. 📷@hybridcolor
#turnagainpass #rapidloading #cnfaic #playsafe

Ski jump avalanche at Far North Bicentennial Park. Warming temperatures and rain initiated a slide on the plastic bed surface. Even though this is not the backcountry it is a good reminder that the transition from a winter snowpack to spring conditions is almost always touchy. Rapid warming and rain on snow are both red flags. Heads up if heading into backcountry! @chugachavy #playsafe #wetslab #spring #rainonsnow

Large and destructive natural wet slab avalanches have been the norm across the advisory area this week. Today will be no exception as we start day 10 of elevated danger. Gonna be plenty of snow in the upper elevations once this storm breaks, but until then avoidance is key! #bepatient #playsafe #cnfaic #turnagainpass #wetslabcycle #highdanger

The skies cleared enough to glimpse some of the avalanche carnage across the advisory area today. Check out the 'Observations' page at for the latest in the wake of a week plus of elevated danger. #cnfaic #highdanger #stormcycle #avalancheobservations #akwx #playsafe

Another day of HIGH hazard @chugachavy
Temperatures are forecasted to rise above freezing in the Alpine. Large avalanches broke into deeper weak layers yesterday. Travel in avalanche terrain is still not recommended. Human triggered avalanches are very likely. Photo: Avalanche Hazard Reduction south of Girdwood. #rainonsnow #avalanchecycle #playsafe #springweather #avoidavyterrain

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