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Chuco Moreno  "Get Tattooed it's the right thing to do" moreno95237@gmail.com (Tattooing by appt only at @classicfullerton)

SLC Utah..

Salt Lake City Utah.

That's a rap. All done here in Dallas Gracias @oliverpecker @elmstreettattoo and @audra_cabral for the hospitality and good times. I'm Cali bound now with my boy Franky Lee.
Alrato I'm gone✊🏽

When you draw a design for the purpose of tattooing it can be a spooky thing. Did I get the portions right? Is this broad cross eyed? I mean it can be tuff to solve all the problems that can arise in the process of producing your own art. But that's where in my opinion the pride comes from. The knowledge and satisfaction of knowing I have spent the time alone drawing and drawing untill I have earned the ability to make something special enough that some one would be interested in wearing it on their body. I'm not ashamed of the imperfections or the hand drawn look of art made by an artist. Truth be told that's what draws me in to someone's art, the fact that they spent the time and effort to come to a place of presentation. To share something that was their own. Sharing ones art is a brave a vulnerable act but with out those bold souls what would we have to admire, strive for or emulate.. Thinking out loud this morning.

Attention Salt Lake City Utah I will be attending this years 15th annual tattoo Convention March 16-18 at the salt palace. I'll be tattooing the public first come first serve and selling collectibles along side my homeboy @jonezyzaps I'm looking forward to seeing you all there👊🏽 #chucomoreno

I'm torn when I come across these old photos. It's because we're smiling that I'm confused. at first glance and without the memories of what was happening and what was ahead to come of course we would be smiling you might think. but that's because the depth of our situation at the time of this photo was for ever softened with those smiles.. we were just two kids so young and inexperienced in life's harsh lessons that all we could do was smile back to hide our tears. That's my first son in this picture he wasn't more than a week old and had already cheated death for the first time. My Amber was just a girl then she had no way of knowing how ruff our ride would get and all that would come our way. And me, Young foolish and inexperienced in the matters that mattered. I look at the young vato in this picture and I can't help but wonder how he managed. when I come across these photos and look back to those times I'm baffled that a neighborhood boy and his girl could overcome so much with no one to turn to for help or for guidance. But there was no one there. Only each other. When I look at this I see proof that Love does conquer all..
I Love you Amber Moreno. thank you for my boy hes just what I wanted, he's perfect. Thank you for never punking out and for believing in us and our family when no one else did. I will for always admire and respect your strength.


Attention Dallas Texas, I'm headed your way March 5-8 I'll be tattooing the public at my homeboy @oliverpecker place @elmstreettattoo if you are into it email me direct to get a appointment.

Here's a couple of shots from Fresno. This show came on my radar literally last minute, I thought yep I'm going. So I did and had a great time tattooing and talking with everyone at the show, seeing some old friends making new ones and holding down my booth with my Franky lee and my #1 draft choice @javierdeluna_ It just proves to be true once again it's not where your at it's what your doing that matters the most. We put on some cool tats and made some folks happy for me that's what it's all about.
Thank you to the homeboys @fresnotattooconvention and everyone that came out to attend/got tattooed for making my weekend extra awesome. Orale 👊🏽

Drawn on neck tat for my partner Adam out here in Fresno. Congratulations on your new family brother,
well done👊🏽

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