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chuck weiss  Better living through electrons.

The ears.
I should have worked on the Dumbo ride at Disneyland.

Leftovers from when this place was a Buffums (I believe).
#MidCenturyModern #DowntownPasadena

Those lovely Painted Ladies butterflies are so amazing, in fact I’ve collected at least twenty of them by now. Here are some in my vast collection.
#PaintedLadies #BamBamBam

Done and done.

Our Mom as envisioned by my Sister back when she was in kindergarten.

Pick your friends wisely.

Chamber of horrors adjacent.

So what’s up with the googly eyes over the atrium front door? Apparently the sister and the wife want to scare the pee out of our two dogs.

Bathroom floor goals.

Wait, you mean that all this time I’ve .... I mean ...
Never mind.

This is not starting off well.

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