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chuck weiss  Better living through electrons.

Ducksy checks out his new home, I think he’s eyeing the swimming pool.
@ducksyart #ducksy Thank you Kerry!

The little monsters are not liking these recent rainy days.

A lull in the rain, an opportunity for a Bitburger on tap.

Bugs Gone Wild.

Ghost signage.

By the looks of it, that was a pretty decent pizza. Don’t tell anyone at Am. Got Talent that I had a Chardonnay to accompany said dinner while I’m on the clock.

"Welcome Weiss."

Four dollar mai tai Monday, can you blame a guy?
#WhenTwoCinedecksFailinOneDay #TikiDrinks #100DaysOfTiki

Can’t tell you what I’m working on but it involves a bunch of red “X”s.
Okay, you can probably guess.

How to set the daylight savings time on a GPS clock if you happen to have one I built.
Step one: push button on side.
There is no step two.
#arduino #SatelliteTime #GlobalPositioningSatellite

It may look ugly now but when it's done ... okay it will still look ugly.
#Arduino #FeatherBoard #Charlieplexing #PlayingWithi2c #Sand #ReplicatingLawsOfPhysics