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Backlot dance floor.
Or not.
#Linoleum #Backlots #WarnerBros

You should see how Bugs cleans a bathroom with nothing but a carrot!

Our Webster Wiley stands tall over all the land.
#MCMarchitecture #WebsterWiley

THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is an authentic circa 1944 Trader Vic’s mai tai, and it was made with love.
#tikidrinks #TikiLife #Montrose

Push button. Receive reward. Repeat.

“Normal” is not what this house is, here on the WB backlot near the old “TruBlood” set.

Not your church.
Not anyone’s church.
Not even a church.

Before Kodak invented safety film in the mid 1940s, motion picture stock was made from highly combustible nitrate based film which had to be stored in film vaults. One spark and an entire film library could literally explode and burn the entire motion picture lot down. Here’s where Warner Bros kept their nitrate film back in the day, protected behind concrete walls and high pressure fire sprinklers.

Out with the family.
(Found on the curb in Glendale yesterday)

Dirt and crap on the backlot at Warner Bros. This ain’t no classy hotel.

Loose lips sync ships.