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chuck weiss  Better living through electrons.


Pouring concrete = fun = not really.

Don’t tell Post Production, but I was THIS CLOSE to accidentally deleting the wrong drive on a recorder this morning. Had I reformatted the network drive instead of the Proxy, I would have wiped out 33TB of unedited material and most likely all of last week’s episode of a major network show before it would have aired. You live, you learn.

Random hints here and there of a time before Sony was Sony.

Doors of your heart.

Eating up The late great Joe Frank this week. #JoeFrank #SomewhereOutThere

Department of it never gets old.

🎶 Hello ... yellow brick road ... 🎶 #TheLotWhereWizardOfOzWasFilmed

That time I got to work with Beck at a private event in town.
#beckhansen #BecauseIthoughtIheardHesPlayingInTown @beck

Tape is for sissies.

Season one Episode one, I was hooked.
#heisenberg #WalterWhite #BreakingBad

My second favorite.

Love is all you need.
Love love love.

Ghost collection device.

Sony when the lights are out and everyone’s gone home.

Ears ringing beautiful music last night.
#HiHat #SoManyWizards

44.4Khz Love.
#Sampling #Musack

Predatory Ghia.

Playing with a Kinder Egg toy during rehearsal today. I thought that these were outlawed in the States, but apparently they weren’t!
#KinderEgg #Stuff #ButIwantedArobot

I’m so badass they give me mini propane tanks to crush with my hands.
#GiveBlood #RedCross

Had to be done.

Hot rod.

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