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Chuck Otwell  Owner of OEM. A motorcycle dealership in Pensacola Florida Follow us on Facebook @oempensacola Or @Ashley AndChuck Otwell

To the person that broke in #Guardian lastnight and stole the audio and trashed the inside..... i would like to thank you. The world has its own way of dealing with people like you. I want to thank you for cowardly choosing a time that i was not present to walk up on you in my truck. I would be spending a great deal of time in prison if you would have chosen a different time. I would also like to thank you for saving me the cost of the 2 bullets i would have strategically placed in each one of your knee caps. I would have done that to keep you still while i used a cutting torch to burn the meat from your bones so that i could slowly dismembered your worthless body with a dull hacksaw. All the while smiling over each scream of pain that came from your pitiful mouth. I hope this message finds you well, until we meet in person.
Your truely,
Charles Otwell

@gabrielblakeotwell with his nice shot off the boat. @jordanrayotwell

@ballistictim your just the man bro.@johnnylawmotoworks @ladylassen yall should check out my buddys crazy creations...

@ballistictim doing what @ballistictim does best... I swear me and this maniac is gonna build something together one maybe a 4x4... Lol @johnnylawmotoworks @ladylassen

Hit up @innov8designlab to see this G A M E C H A N G E R.
Featuring some of the baddest shocks on the market @sordshocks. Truck will be on display in the @americanforcewheels booth at SEMA 2018. #innov8 #gamechanger

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