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Oh yeah!
Looking forward to this year's edition, people!
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At #Lagoscomiccon the true geeks take off their regular day suits and bring their geeky spirits to play.
@chubikeroy of @heritagebankng soaking in the mad fun with our Red Carpet host, @mcoliviaa
Don't miss it this year.

Landmark Center, VI, Lagos.
September 15.
Tickets available at

Call or Whatsapp 08131978457 for enquiries.

When folks don't understand the nature or essence of the work you do, they only see your smiles, and assume you're goofing and having a party all the time. Well, the truth is, if you appear that way when you're grinding, congratulations! You're good at what you do.

That guy sitting next to me takes a bullet everyday so that I can focus on diverting missiles, and he pretty much giggles through it all. He is good at what he does.

We create brand stories for a living, and we try to get better at it everyday.

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Knock them down! Those obstacles. Dia faddah!

A certain fitness professional used to always return from a day's workout raving about boxing. I didn't quite get it then.
So, today I vex say I must enter dis tin. Now I appreciate her joy. It is not easy at all!!! But it does feel like you're punching those demons into oblivion, while working your core, latte and a few other names. A good way to have a go at any anger that may have crept up on you.

@rafit.nigeria @iamrubyagu
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Feeling Blu

Some captured moments can feel like someone else's deja'vu

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Challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life beautiful.
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I think we raised him well. LoL!
Watching him today amidst his fellow #housemates, organisers, media and sponsors of this year's #BBNaija show, I couldn't help smiling just seeing how bubbly, humbly and modestly he carried his new-found #celebrity. Yes, he is arguably the one out of that house with the greatest star-power, and the fastest-growing fan base, and he was clearly mentally ready for this from the start.
@tobibakre is a cool dude, and I'm not just saying that because I've known him even before he went into the #bigbrothernaija house.

I pray his star shines so bright that it blinds any doubts of his potential (and kinetic) energy.

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Good morning.

I spent some time sitting and chatting with @ricoswavey_official today. .
I don't get to watch the show that much, but it didn't take me seeing him more than a few times on screen to relate to the person he is. I decoded him right, the guy is authentic.
I simply like him, and I believe he will do meaningful things with his life, and for society.
I've met lots of #BBNaija housemates (thanks to @heritagebankng), but only a few have I had a one-on-one conversation with. I'm glad I took that time out with Rico today. .
This evening, those still in the house had to compose poems about ex-housemates, and my man @tobibakre delivered one on Rico. No surprises there. And his description was who I met today.

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Perhaps my babies will join the ranks soon... #scrabble #nigerians #games

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Its World Scrabble Day!
Did you know that there are four Nigerians in the top 20 worldwide Scrabble rankings?
Whats your favourite Scrabble word? #HeritageBank

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Did you know that in Yoruba land, wearing your cap to the left means you are married, if it's on the right, it means you are single?

I feel a certain ripple of challenge in me whenever i see a #battleRope . They keep beating me, and i want to show them that I've got what it takes to whip it. So I yielded to temptation, picked up the brand new battle rope, and began swinging it, only to be reminded immediately by @iamrubyagu that i wasn't properly dressed to workout. Ahh! Na there the matter come get bia-bia. I will resume there this morning #battleReady . Wetin sef.

#fitness #rafit #workout #theRAvolutionBegins

A great #workout with a lively group of people is always a keeper. It's even better with a really creative photographer. Thank you @uwemspeaks


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