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CHROMEO  🤘🏼working on a new album 🤘🏼Get your tix for our 4th annual Funk On The Rocks show at Red Rocks w/ RÜFÜS DU SOL, D.R.A.M & Hayden James.

Deep in the studio, deep in the cut. Can't wait to share new music with you. #funklordz (📷 @kdrshoots)

Bringing the funk all the way up this year. #funklordz

Ok last question. Let's do a bit of crowd sourcing here. What kind of vibes would YOU like to hear on our album? What kind of sounds? Collab? Guests? Let us know, we're reading!

Unlike most of our DJ friends, we operate on album cycle. So we put out a record, tour for two years and then go back into hibernation to work on another one. We were on the road all of 2014 and 2015, so last year we went back in the studio. It's a challenging process: not only do you have to conjure up inspiration and try to outdo your last offering, you also have to sit back and fight the fomo while all your peers are out crushing your favorite festivals and venues! (Not to mention how, um, challenging 2016 was politically, socially, know the deal. Luckily there was some great music to keep us afloat: Solange, Dev, Blonde, Jeffery, Travis, Starboy, Tribe, TRIBE!!!...but I digress.) In our case, we figured this is gonna be our FIFTH album, so let's challenge ourselves even more. We relocated our studio, tried a bunch of different writing techniques, switched publishers, switched A&Rs...we even gave up our old, trusted Pentium II! (Don't worry the all synths are intact, we're still team no plug-ins for life™ ;) I wanna say we're about halfway done with this new record. There's still a lot of tightening up to do but it's safe to say that you can expect even more collabos than on the last one, but also a more cohesive, ambitious and soulful Chromeo sound. That's what we're aiming for anyways...and we won't rest until we see it through. Shout to our team, to everyone who's worked with us so far and shouts to YOU, the funkateers and chromettes -- whether you've been with us since Needy Girl, Night by Night or discovered us with Jealous and Come Alive. Thank you for funking with us. We owe it all to you, and we're striving to give you the best music we can make. Cuz no matter how crazy this world gets, you're still gonna have to shake your tuchus.
With love,
Dave & Pee

What are you looking forward to the most in 2017? Music, arts, film, politics, social issues, whatever! #funklordz wanna know, tell us.

In the last post some of you mentioned some George Michael deep cuts. There really are gems from the Chic-sounding "Young Guns" (where he raps btw) to the 90s "Too Funky" -- all produced by George, he's still so underrated as a producer! What are some of your favorite cuts? We wanna know! RIP to our Father Figure and OG #funklord.

Last Christmas. 💔 People celebrate George Michael as a pop icon but he also wrote AND produced his own hits. All those early Wham records he did everything on! Such a genius. Rest In Peace.

When will it end? Rest In Peace style god.

Do you know what this is? Lab 12-17-16

Do you know what this is? Lab 12-17-16

Do you know what this is? Lab 12-17-16

Unreleased Dave 1 @funky.larry by the great @neilkrug