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Taking a short break from my social media fast because the pic my dad took of us today is too good not to post!!! #harveyjonathan #eleanorconstance
In case you're curious, this social media fast has been refreshing! I highly recommend. I might try going one more week and then experimenting with checking socials just once per week or only on days off...will keep you in the loop.

taking a rest from instagram & facebook. I think we would probably agree that these can be cool/fun tools for connecting with friends but i'm also fairly confident we could agree that it can be a time-suck when not monitored well. All is well, but I've found myself feeling the latter more than the former recently so I'm saying goodnight & goodbye to these for a few days (weeks maybe? Yet to be determined...)
If one of these are your main form of getting in touch with me & you would like to reach out, my current phone number is listed on fb & will still be reachable there. Cheers & peace, friends.

The background may have gotten washed out, but the company is what truly makes #nampasailglamp a beautiful escape. Thankful for every human pictured (and the handful who missed the group pic) and for choosing to do life together.
See you next year. #nampasailglamp2017

#NampaSailGlamp2017 coming for ya. //don't be mad. #nampasailglamp

So thankful for Wipe Every Tear and the work they're doing in our community and around the world! If you're unfamiliar, get acquainted! Also thankful for this dear friend and all the amazing work she does for them. @wipeeverytear #wipeeverytear #runtorestore #runtorestore2017

very thankful for this friend. beyond honored that A, @mikemewithoutyou, & Birdie would join us last week at our homecoming show. i'll never forget it.

This last week was amazing. Glad to be home, but incredibly thankful for this life, the slow, everyone we met, and everyone who celebrated with us in my backyard last night. My heart is bursting with gratitude for the support we have. //let's keep growing.

Don't be mad.

Tour has been amazing. I love these men. I love the amazing people we've met & getting to catch up with some old & dear friends. I love our songs. AND I love that we have FOUR SHOWS LEFT!!! Marysville tonight (Wednesday)! Tacoma Thursday! Eugene Friday! Nampa Saturday! Check's Facebook or ask any of us for details if you're willing/able to join us in any of these cities.

First tour as Here we grow. #nothingabovenothingbelow

REALLY proud of the work the boys and I did this week (and for several weeks leading up). This trailer will serve as home for as we venture into WA & OR this week for shows in Spokane, Wenatchee, Marysville, Tacoma, Eugene, & then a special homecoming show in my backyard. If you or any of your friends will be in any of these cities, come join us!

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