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Christine  "be in love with your life. Every minute of it." Jack Kerouac

my two favorite men:

my husband, the love of my life
my better half
my soullove
the best human being in the world
who hates Instagram and selfies
who loves everything I cook and loves our organic - vegan lifestyle
who detoxes for me for weeks
who transformed our garden into a little piece of paradise
who knows how to build and fix everything!
who stole my heart 16 years ago in Notting Hill
and who I married twice...
who is a wonderful dad to your daughter... and who cares for the both of us
my partner in crime
who makes this world definitely a better place with who I share the most important and best memories
who is my spiritual leader
who tolerates my madness
who makes me feel complete
who makes me feel home, no matter where...
who loves our life and keeps on creating our future...
who dreams big and makes these dreams come true
my loyal hero
who understands me without words.. who always supports me like no other!
a person I will always look up to
the man I will love forever

my cousin, my best friend,
the male version of me (maybe slightly more crazy)
my human diary
my brother in crime
a great funcle to my daughter
with who I share the best childhood memories
who has the same kind of humor and with who I love torturing others...
who is a member of the same crazy family
who is the other owner of Martin
who is my other half
a person I can count on and who understands me
with who I share the most crazy memories
who doesn't judge me
who is loyal to me
who hates people just like I do...
who loves my green juices
CEO of hillbilly Jonski's turmeric infused handrolled oats
he fights with me for a vegan world (in front of a local butcher shop)
who would die for coconut-vanilla
who always hands me a drink
with who I have the best late night conversations
who cares for me...
who belongs to the inner circle and is our gang leader...
and who I know and understand and who knows me...
who is my can count on me forever!


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WICHTIGER ALS DU IS MIR NICHTS! Hast du auch Menschen, über die du so denkst? Verlink sie doch mal. Ich wünsche es jedem einzelnen von euch! #zuhause (link zum Video in der BIO @fimbim)

If she's not your mum, it's not your milk!

Besides humans no species drinks #milk beyond their natural age of #weaning or drinks the #milk of another #species.

One glass of milk (organic or non) contains: - 135 Pus cells
- Bovine Growth Hormones
- Antibiotics
- Feces
- 51mg of Cholesterol
- 300 Calories
- 16gr Saturated Fat
- Acidic Protein which leaches
- Calcium from Bones

skip the dairy for your health, for those mums & babies, and for our planet!

#skipthedairy #noneedforcowsmilk #cowsmilk #belongstocalves #vegan #govegan #plantbased #cholesterolfree #veganfortheplanet #veganfortheanimals #veganforhealth #VeganFamily #mumandbaby #goplantbased #familiesbelongtogether #rolemodel #teachyourkidsright #empathy #naturelover #AnimalLovers

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