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O.Hannah Means Family.  Chris 22. Thailand. Taken by @vipera_fangs 💍💕 Haha, please. Do what i say, don't do what i do.

The day is finally here! My female West-African green mamba laid 9 eggs! If you’ve never seen how snakes lay eggs, here’s one quick example. The process can take hours for some species and few like this mamba female will curl around them for long periods or until they hatch. She was buried under the substrate with all the eggs together. I cannot wait to see baby mambas in the next few months! Yes, i removed the eggs into a separate clean container with vermiculate to incubate them. It was a bit saddening to move her eggs out from her because after it all, i saw her slither back to where she laid them and she looked and sniffed around for them.. means in the future of breeding them i may just want the enclosure to be perfect for a full on nest as well. Let them take care of the eggs and have it be ok. The separation is for the eggs’ well-being but if only i could tell momma that.

Katie when i checked up on her. Isn’t she just THE CUTEST! How could anyoneee hate these misunderstood beings. Here’s a nice example of her hood out to help her balance while standing tall to see me. Ps, can see the 4 year monitor lizard scar that caused the removal of some ribs, new followers can check her story on my highlights (scroll by a bit).

Check up on Oracle, i think my personal favorite videos are super close-up shots of my kings coming up to check out what’s on the menu 😂 sorry man, feeding day is tmr..

Purple Mangrove pit-viper, this girl’s in shed. I’m actually wondering if she’s pregnant, can see a lot of bumps when she’s perched up.

There is just something to their eyes that make snakes so captivating... Blue Trimeresurus insularis.

The derpiest bunch.. Pareas margaritophorus (Spotted slug snake) slithering behind a Pareas macularius (no common name but looks almost exactly the same, just brighter spots and no neck banding) that’s coming forward to examine my finger.. these snakes have evolved to scoop up snails from their shell and go around the mucus as they work the prey down to their stomachs.

Skittles out for a stroll on my arm 😅 whatever’s comfy.. she is my sweetest king right after Katie and she’s one year old. Northern Thai local king, such variety in their patterns and this is her adult color!

The world’s most famous cobra species. The Indian cobra or.. Spectacled cobra named after the origin and the spectacle-like pattern on their hoods. Pretty potent venomous snakes, always demanding respect and only will bite out of defense. @ronan_m_k getting her attention so i can have a nice still photo.

West African gaboon viper noms. The lack of a second stripe on their face and the presence of horns are a great indicator that this is not the East African gaboon.

Guest starred in a video on my friend @tanguy_toopet’s channel! It’s a very informational vid but most of it is in French, i loved it even though i couldn’t understand 90% of it. However you can see some of my setups and a different view on me handling some animals like this baby king cobra for once haha. It can serve as a beginning to my future channel and what i’ll mostly post about. Check it out if you have the time and i hope you guys enjoy it! The link to the video is in my bio!
Ps. I sound a bit sick from the smog during that week.

Green tree python feeding, Biak local. Idk how good my luck is but she is getting darker and darker instead of greener.

Another frozen rat down for my Rhinoceros viper! Loving how things are going with my animals right now, “winter” is over and all of my snakes are coming out of their hide period to eat again. Even my ants stopped barricading themselves in and are now more actively foraging around. I may not be in a real jungle but it sure as hell works 😅Most excited about the mamba eggs too!

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