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Chris Weddige  Naperville -> Kentucky -> Atlanta -> Chicago

Local Tourism ✅

I’ve seen @ofarevolution on stage at least once every year since 2005. Last night was the pinnacle with a 15+ minute conversation backstage at the @specialolympics 50th Anniversary Concert talking favorite venues, family, and their upcoming tour. Amazing experience with amazing people.

Congrats to @karamedei and @eppertj42! Awesome time in Columbus wrapping up five weddings in the past seven weeks.
The Weddige’s are next!

Stars and Bars 🇺🇸

#tbt 6/21/17

Summer? That you? #CubsBizDev💰

#tbt @tpcsawgrass #17 last year.
2-for-2 in hitting the green and itching to get back soon enough. (@mich_wedge do you know anyone there?). Happy @theplayerschamp week!

200 more days as a Baise and today is her last B-Day before becoming a Weddige.
Happy Birthday @mebaise!

Welcome Back

Wicked awesome time in Beantown with @mebaise taking in a day at the second best ballpark in the world.

Said goodbye to my #1 fan today. The man that is defined by passion, pride, and an undefeated work ethic. Cheers to the Champ.

2018 ⚾️ #EverybodyIn