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Christyn  let me be a blue raft on a blue sea i'll blend right in (also I am not stephen, just the current owner of his previous phone)

new year, new friend to introduce to the big moon

thank you @nmemagazine for free drinks, good music, and confusing photobooths

“this train is now delayed due to... litter on the tracks”

i don’t like labels, i love them

printed photos mean photo albums. sleepless nights mean filling that photo album. most importantly trips abroad mean milking the photos to no end.

no more bets thank you!

from when victoria stressed me out so much I decided to just walk home

"you'd be the devil of the house of bread, you're the lord of toast"

the tree situation in new cross

vegan cinnamon rolls #sofuckinggoldsmiths

accidentally in town for mardi gras

when the pinboard was only home to a chunder chart