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Christopher Wilson  I'm an Illustrator. Who likes food. You'll find both of those things here in pretty much any random order.

Last night's #paleo mock cornbread becomes this morning's #chocolatestuffed French toast. 😍

While i may have escaped all of the beater-related issues with this project, I have very little excuse for thefinal outcome. There was a sticky in the book that said to check at 9 minutes, but it didn't registerin my brain and i went for the full 12 minutes as outlined in the recipe. All of my #notwhole30 #paleo cookies melted into a lightly overcooked super cookie.

On a brighter note,i love to bake and haven't had time in months, so i went nuts. Paleo ginger cookies as well as mock corn bread for dinner. The rest of the bread will be French Toast in the morning. 😍


Thanks to YouTube, I now know all the ways that this next step can go horribly awry.

What even are the right hashtags for mixer accidents?

So, the kids have dragged out grandma's old iMac and are installing Mac OS9 in order to play some ancient childhood games, circa 2000-2007.

Pretty blue flower? 🐞

Senior Photos part two: West Hartford.
Or, as the locals call it, #WeHa

With photographers Lauren Kinkade and Nathan Spotts ( hope i got those names tonight).

Senior Photo shoot part one.

#rapidpickup just took a step backwards.


Well, huh.


FINALLY a day off. Reading my girl's graphic novel. #wiresandnerve . Great story, just as good as her novels. A bit on the"girly" side, but enough story, character and action for this old man. πŸ˜‰πŸ“š Scifi action, adventure and a bit of romance. πŸš€βš”πŸ’‹

Finally getting around to installing MacOS Sierra. Just in time for the High Sierra roll out. πŸ™„

Moving day at Netsolace.

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