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Occlusion 101:
Grab some bands, grab some weights, go for broke! *not for the faint at ❤️ For some shirt tearing, tank top wearing, summer time iron add 5 rounds of 20 hammer curls + 20 banded triceps extensions banded high on the bicep for a blood curdling pump at the end of your session.

12 Days and counting @mia.shettler ... those angles though 😍😍😍

"You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them."
-Michael Jordan

A little Kang Squat to start my Sunday! Great lower body warm up - mobility and posterior conditioning. Working on them wheels! Let's go!

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
-Theodore Roosevelt
Another day throwing around the 100s for some accessory work thanks to my dudes @sakkalisb @saucyclausy @colerayner @spartan_dad_yyc @stu_bomb

Pre-workout Nutrition:
For the sake of this post I am referring to pre-workout nutrition for the situation of maximal protein synthesis … i.e. body building (or for some a hypertrophy stage of their sport specific training). This is not for concern of specific sport demands or other goals … I am simply looking at building muscle.

Pre-workout protein is important as some studies have shown that protein synthesis declines during a workout.  Protein before your workout (1-2 hrs before depending on the type) may help prevent this exercised induced reduction in anabolism (muscle building). The amount of protein is completely unique to each individual (size and physical demands). This amount is also tied directly to the amino acid L-Leucine’s concentration in the protein source of choice. The optimal L-Leucine concentration for protein per meal is suggested to be 0.015g per lbs of body weight.  For myself that works out to be 2.775g of L-Leucine per meal for maximal protein synthesis. I often use 100% Gold Standard Whey for my pre-workout protein source and per scoop there is 2.531g of L-Leucine - which is 24g of protein (slightly suboptimal for myself). To optimize my pre-workout I would need a 32.2g scoop vs the 29.4g scoop - making 26.3g of protein pre-workout.

This profile is different for all sources of protein, and definitely something to think about as you look at your pre-workout Rx. This is absolutely not a must but for any natural athlete looking to add some muscle on this will ensure you leave no gains on the table.
*If you have any questions about training or nutrition please feel free to DM me and I'd be happy to answer them.

Third day in a row of squats 4x3 at 331 felt good.

Practice makes permanent!
Back under the bar for some volumes. Let's see what a few months of bulking can do 💪🏻👊🏻

"If the plan doesn't work, change the plan but never the goal." Back at it, feeling great @prjcthercules ; a little bent over D grip row. Operation Mass 💪🏻

"Your only limit is you"
Starting a nice accumulation phase with @prjcthercules getting ready to add some mass over the next 12 weeks. Feeling motivated by some of the amazing people I have had the opportunity to coach through @strongfitnessmag and our new Nutrition Coaching program. Let's get after it Monday!

Happy Sunday! #restday #strong #projecthercules #strongfitnessmag @2110fitness I'm missing home and most of all our incredible team!

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