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Christopher Watts  It's 2017, why do we STILL have detox diets and Herbalife. Strength and conditioning. 💑KK

Arrived today. Some intra set reading. #consciouscoaching @coach_brettb

So this bloke basically piled up a stack of plates in order to take selfies.

As part of our plyo and landing work. Encouraging competition between the boys is always good for gym culture.

This was meant to be done for Valentines day but okay here it goes.  3 Years packed into 60 seconds as best as I could with what video editing skills I have. I've made a fuck load of mistakes over the last 3 years. Business wise, personally, socially, some big, some small. Kristen has been there to pick my ass up and keep me moving forward. I cannot put into words what that means to me. All I can do is try and show my appreciation, anyway I can. Thanks for an absolute ride so far! I ain't promising no ring just yet but shit she's making a strong case for one. #ABurgerRing #SheWouldProbablyBeHappyStill #3Years #ValentinesDay #ValentinesBae #Love #WayTooCheese #ButCheeseIsGood

Awesome day at Sydney University for the PLAE #sydneysummit Learning from some of the Strength and conditionings best. Stoked to have a chat with Miami Dolphins Head S&C Coach Dave Poluka and meet Ron Mckeefery, author of CEO Strength Coach. #strengthandconditioning #plaeusa #ronmckeefery #miamidolphins

Forget #saltbae I am your #Gymbae sprinkling chalk on your next set of deads.

First install of falling starts with a raised knee. Running mechanics have come a long way for these boys, considering this is likely their time 'thinking' about their running. Lots to still improve on. Progressed to 40m sprints with a large rest turn over. To be fast = train fast* * with efficient mechanics.

@kristenkuan with a new spin on mini band warm ups. Can't complain. #glutemed #activation #imactivated #adenosinetriphosphate

First official session back after the xmas break. Those who came during the xmas holidays definitely showing the goods. Next trial 21st of Jan. Squad cuts coming soon.

Last Xmas holiday workout so I decided to let the boys load up the weights. Heavy sets of 4 was on the program.

David here with 170 for 8 (first 3 not shown). Not even 16 yet.
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Great work today. Voluntary Xmas workouts. Today we had lower body work in the gym and then walked down to the field to complete a sticky conditioning session. Less than 4 weeks left of pre season. Get it.

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