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Calvin Klein: Growing up, I did not really look at fashion magazines. I never was a kid obsessing over fashion, I was always more interested in the bigger picture. Movies often played in my head. There were narratives and characters. This is probably why as a kid, I responded to Calvin Klein. What he did was totally different from everyone else. He worked with the best! Avedon. Weber. Ritts. I remember the Brooke Shields ads, then the ones with Andie MacDowell and Shari Belafonte. Then Obsession happened with Josie Borain. They were mini films. I'd hear just a drop of the intro and run to the tv. They were an event. It was a world that was totally foreign to me, and that's what I loved. Of all the fashion ads which I consumed voraciously, Calvin Klein always holds strong, especially the early ones when the focus was most strong. They were time defining and still relevant and alive today.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

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Josie Borain: She really changed everything.

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