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Chris Pine | IG  Actor, Model | Armani Fragrance Campaign.

Repost: @affordableautographs Here is one of my favorite combo photo ops, Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine from the current Star Trek movies. This was taken on my 30th birthday when they were leaving the Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay movie's after party. Zachary was doing his best at the live long and prosper sign 🖖🏻 I heard a rumor saying he had to glue his fingers in the film to do it, not sure if that's true. After the success of the first Star Trek movie and years of movies they've both done since they haven't been as easy to get photos with anymore. So I'm glad I broke them down that day on my birthday. I know it's annoying signing autographs for me every time they see me but I do keep a lot, and I am a huge fan of the both of them. That's the downside of the business, they think we sell everything and don't care about them as people or care about their career. With me it's the opposite, I truly care about them, and support them as much as they do me. I am a collector as much as a dealer. It's like trading sports cards, you keep the ones you want, sell or trade the others. Memories like this is why I do this job. It makes me happy looking at this photo, Kirk & Spock together it's amazing!!! Start Trek photos of these two & others are now available for sale on my website #followforfollow #affordableautographs #coa #celebrity #signed #photos #startrek #ZacharyQuinto #ChrisPine  #ebay #trustedseller

Repost: @gal_gadot All these outtakes are bringing me back to all the wonderful memories on set with this cast and crew. What an amazing ride! See the rest of the outtakes on the DVD extras 9/19. 🙅🏻💃🏻 #WonderWoman #ChrisPine #GalGadot

Repost: @gal_gadot 300 drones lit up the LA sky tonight to celebrate Power, Grace, Wisdom, and Wonder. #WonderWoman is on Digital Now and Blu-ray™ 9/19.
#ChrisPine #GalGadot

Repost: @stationkid William has been recovering so well since his heart transplant earlier this month! Chris Pine was a lucky man to spend some time with this Every Day Hero! #williamsheart #ChrisPine
#stationkidfamily #reallifehero #everydayhero #youngandbrave #lafd #williamfanpage #chlarocks #hero #strength #inspiration

Robert the Bruce
#OutlawKing #ChrisPine #Netflix

Repost: @wonderwomanfilm He knows what needs to be done.
#WonderWoman #ChrisPine

Repost: @gal_gadot Okay, first, you can see why Chris's nickname for me was giggle Gadot 😜
And how Patty and I could communicate with no words. Instead just weird sounds & head movements.. I LOVE to laugh and I ABSOLUTELY enjoyed filming every second of the movie about the Amazonian princess. You can see the rest of these with the DVD extras on 9/19 💃😜🙅🎬 #ChrisPine #GalGadot #WonderWoman

Repost: @gal_gadot This is exciting! You can now own #WonderWoman on Digital Today! Link in my bio!
#ChrisPine #GalGadot

Repost: @fratelli_sarti We had the absolute pleasure of serving Chris Pine in our Bath Street restaurant last night. Here he is with our lovely manager Barbara #starstuck #ChrisPine  #sarti #sartiat25 #sartibathstreet #italianrestaurant #fratellisarti #25thanniversary #glasgow

Repost: @karlurban Happy Birthday 
Christopher Whitelaw Pine 
American Actor 
Arguably the most handsome man wearing a white T shirt in this photo.

Repost: @wmag "I used to go to Medieval Times with my parents year after year." #ChrisPine looks back at his favorite birthday memory.

Repost: @gal_gadot Happy Happy Birthday to my darling friend #ChrisPine . May you always shine bright and be such a special funny person. Wishing you all the best this world has to offer. Health, happiness and lots of giggles. XO

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