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Christopher Cherry  A photog/filmmaker living in the Big Cabbage, Beijing. Phone pics. Part of the @eyesonchinaproject Instagram collective. Wechat: christophercherry

Wild lavender grows, where Beijing meets the countryside. I wonder to what extent mobile phones are ruining street photography? Hard to take a picture where someone isn't buried in a phone. Tho also, easier to take pictures without the subject noticing...

Two men playing Chinese chess on a makeshift table presumably made out of their e-bikes. Shunyi, Beijing.

We filmed a series of these kids showing off kungfu moves at the small gym attached to the Shaolin Temple. When I said action, this young boy just threw his right leg behind his neck in one flawless motion, while he balanced on the other. Not flawlessly enough...his coach is just out of shot yelling and glaring at him for swaying slightly. AGAIN!! These kids at Shaolin are the best of the best (and usually the best looking), those selected to tour the world in the prestigious international performance troupes. At a school with some 30,000 kids only a handful are selected each year. Shaolin Si, Henan. Part of the @thenewmasters documentary project.

A young student performs at the small gym attached to the Shaolin Temple. This is the famed Drunken Fist Style of kungfu where the movements imitate a drunkard. At the end the boy briefly mentions his dream is to be a celebrity like Hong Zhubao (not sure who this is?) Ironically, this kid has never touched a drop of alcohol. Filmed for the documentary @thenewmasters

Cagefighter Vaughn "Blud" Anderson running up the stairs of Song Shan, training for a fight. Song Shan is the site of the Shaolin Temple, one of the spiritual homes of martial arts. Monks are said to have invented kungfu as a way to exercise after hours spent prone in meditation, and also as a way to defend monastery treasures from bandits. Vaughn came to Shaolin as the first coach to teach MMA, including wrestling and choke holds, to students of kungfu. Screen grab from our longterm documentary project @thenewmasters filmed with @graemenicolphoto @davidddempsey

Three words to live by...Eot Sleup Ploy.

Kids at the Shaolin Temple attached Tagou Martial Arts Academy, the largest martial arts school in Asia with 30,000+ students. Many come with dreams to be the next Jet Li. Most end up as teachers themselves, or as security guards, police, military, or become "drivers" - hired muscle for government officials, rich businessmen, or gangsters. Screengrab from our longterm documentary project @thenewmasters filmed with @graemenicolphoto and @davidddempsey

American MMA fighter Kyle in the emergency room of a Chinese hospital after a fight against Chinese champion Wang Guan. Screen grab from our long term documentary project @thenewmasters filmed with @graemenicolphoto @davidddempsey

Chinese UFC fighter Ning Guangyou on a day trip to the Great Wall with his son Haohao. Guangyou took a circuitous route to the UFC, the world's premiere fighting promotion, working as a farmer, a driver, and a baggage handler at the airport while simultaneously training and learning martial arts to fulfill his dream. Screen grab from our longterm documentary project @thenewmasters

Canadian MMA pioneer Vaughn "Blud" Anderson, who became the first person to teach MMA techniques to students at the Shaolin Temple. Here, kungfu disciples are learning how to choke someone unconscious by squeezing the cartoroid arteries either side of the neck, shutting off oxygen to the brain. Screen grab from our long term documentary project @thenewmasters

Xingxi, who lived on Mount Song for 10 years, learned an esoteric branch of kungfu named after its founder Wugulun (said to be the last Shaolin monk to pass through the "36" chambers, and be allowed to teach the secrets of kungfu). Xingxi trained in an MMA gym in Beijing, learning Brazilian jiujitsu, Muay Thai, and American wrestling techniques, determined to prove trad martial arts still has efficacy. A screengrabs from our long term documentary project, @thenewmasters

Former UFC fighter Zhang Lipeng, an ethnic Mongolian brought up on wrestling, carries current UFC star Ning Guangyou as a way to build stamina. Fighters often train outside the gym using whatever tools they can, including each other. Screengrabs from our lonterm documentary project @thenewmasters

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