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Christine | C & The City  writer | life poetry | fashion darling | @nativenationeu my soul is made of pink cotton candy 🍭 soft and messy ♡ 📍antwerp

there ought to be more dancing. there ought to be more late nights dressing up and flowing to the beats of a nocturnal life. there ought to be more dreams to breathe and wild plans to spring from 3am honesty. (there ought to be more useless 3am selfies). there ought to be more laughter shared and secrets whispered into the black air. there ought to be more fearless loving and faith in tiny moments of belonging. there ought to be less life wasted waiting, so many love songs sung too late. | thanks @lancomeofficial for making us glam up and have the most incredible friday night feeling fancy as fuck at the masquerade ball. @junesse_ 🥂 #coucoulancome || mightily tired after a long weekend of dora-exploring my way through the nights & collecting too many hangovers on the dance floor. but what the hell, there always ought to be more dancing, right. 🤷🏻‍♀️💃🏻||| text inspired by @fsandhg - Fabric.

on creativity & writer’s block. || i will forever be in awe of those who can keep creativity flowing as easily as their morning coffee. i’m a journalist but i’d love to be an accomplished writer some day. you know, one that can hold concentration long enough to write more than two pages without getting distracted by the thought of food, or impromptu parties, or useless anxieties or in that same thought, men. i often get stuck, on myself mostly. i crave a constant creative process unlike anything else and yet weirdly, i often run away from it. the coffee flows without me flowing with it. i write best when it’s dark. that’s why on some days, i won’t even open my curtains and i find myself sitting in a room only lit up by a candle on my nightstand. i’ve always felt that poetry is staring in the dark until the silence whispers back. i do know one day, it will whisper a whole book. | #selfportrait

woke up with a banging headache and a mightily soar body (reminder to self to not take boxing classes three days in a row & then go out dancing all night. we live, we learn) but also with a grateful heart. the start of spring always carries a sort of melancholy for growing pains gone by, as it feels like a new beginning. i’m thankful for the arduous past year for it has shaped me into a stronger woman. i’m thankful for the friends that helped me shape into myself; a quieter self. that same sense of stillness washed over me this weekend; feeling the warmth of sunshine on my face, wine by my side and seeing the smiles on the faces of my friends. it’s enough. i am enough. 🥂 to the start of summer & endless memories. 🌙 | what are you thankful for? ↓

“happiness is an action, i've learnt this. it doesn't simply arrive and stick around. it disappears and you have to go out and find it again. believe me i know this, i am very prone to melancholy and it's sunk me so so many times. it's important to laugh at how ridiculous life is. it's paramount you remember you won't be beating on this earth forever. drink water. read good books. take walks. exercise. eat spinach. whenever i feel sad, i refuse to do what i yearn for, which is a lot of wine or texting the wrong man. sadness makes me crave oblivion but ultimately that will amplify my emotions later. instead i do exactly what i don't want to do. i go to the gym. i will stay quiet at home reading or writing. i'll eat some carrots. or even spend an hour inspiring myself on pinterest. and in those simple steps, i return to myself. i behave and honour what it takes to bring that happiness back. i have far fewer hangovers. there are less men living in my phone too. so, my bouts of sadness, they still come around but they are much, much shorter.” | words by @frassyaudrey | photography by @gift.mohammed

home. such a familiar, and yet foreign concept at the same time. most of us don’t question what they define as ‘home’, referring to the place they grew up in or the place they are growing into now as an adult. i call neither of those places home, as i want the entire world to feel like a place i belong. rather, i want to find a home in myself. sitting down on random pavements and still feel a roof above my head. belonging everywhere and nowhere at once; building a house within freedom. i want to release the reigns and sit back while my life develops in front of my eyes, following whatever i naturally gravitate towards. i want to wake up to an endlessly changing horizon of experiences and people. and that i’ll eventually find it on a quiet corner of a bustling city, and i’ll know: this is where i belong. | 📸: @yasminearabella

i’m often told that i was handed the gift of words, though i think it is more a gift of bravery. to break open bones and gather all the lives i’ve lived as a young woman; to hear what others will not to write what others can not. i walk life with a tenderness for the world few can bear to carry without falling for its crudity. i breathe a heavier kind of air so i can write familiar feelings into new words. therefore, my arms feel forever heavy with all kinds of vulnerable treasures. i grow more & more certain that my whole life is a poem. one very brave poem.
📸: this wonderful soul & photographer @gift.mohammed

🙋🏻‍♀️ who else gets overly emotionally happy when seeing burgers 🍔 & fries 🍟? (best part: it’s all vegan baby 🌱) | emotions running wild today as i closed one office door to open a completely new one next week; farewells & its nostalgia are my kryptonite. the past weeks have been a great reminder that i thrive best when keeping movement in my life as light and as heavy as the sea flows; in & out. i am forever changing, forever crashing into things. evolving through the motions. through craving chaos, i find peace. through closing chapters, i grow impulsive for new ones; though never ready for the next crashing wave. #newchapter
📸: my vegan bae @yasminearabella

very candid photo of two happy chipmunks, moments after having our first vegan croissants & donuts (without sprinkles though, diets are hard 😂) 🍩 aren’t we a-dough-rable? 🍩 | also, thank you my love @yasminearabella for showing me alllll the good (& yummy) stuff about going vegan; been loving every minute of it. ♥️ | swipe for more donut-happiness #donutworrybehappy

spent all weekend with one of the most gorgeous women i know. sunshine on the rooftop of our hearts, soaking in every piece of nostalgia and undiscovered endeavors, daydreaming ambition and a house at the beach; every sip making me wish i lived closer to the paradise at the bottom of our cups of coffee. see you soon again, my dushi @yasminearabella ♥️ #longdistancefriendship #friendslikefamily

“it may seem that life is difficult at times but it’s really as simple as breathing in and out. rip open hearts with your fury and tear down egos with your modesty. be the person you wish you could be, not the person you feel you are doomed to be. let yourself run away with your feelings. you were made so that someone could love you. let them love you.” | excerpt from “everything i know about love” by @dollyalderton. the book describes so well the grand love a woman carries for her friends, above everything else; the same absolute gratefulness i’ve been carrying around with me lately for all the awe-inspiring women i’m lucky enough to have in my life. here’s to you, my friends. ✨♥️
. .
📸: @yasminearabella, one of those gorgeously strong women i get to call friend. no matter how far we wander, we always find a way back to each other (and then we spend all weekend doing nothing but stuffing ourselves with vegan junk food, hanging on the couch and talking all things fashunnn, universe and boys. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂)

my dream is not one destination. not one goal. it’s an ever-expanding experience of learning and failing and loving. joie de vivre. lust for life. after all, the best time for new beginnings is now.
{so done with belgian weather & reaaally feeling those beach-y vibes lately; who else is craving some adventure under the blooming sunlight & a little mischief in a foreign land? 🙋🏻‍♀️🏝}

in every port
without a home
i look for you;
a lighthouse
in the dark corner
of my sea.
undiscovered waters
yet i run into
every drop of you
your atlantis.
you come
you go;
you come
you go;
the tide carries your name
but not my body
to shore
you have sunken
my ship. sailor of
my seas. captain of
my debris.
. .
{🌹 another self-portrait series; soon online, keep an 👀 on the blog}

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