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Reminiscing Osaka, Japan.
Here’s a dancer yoga pose (Natarajasana) on top of Osaka’s tallest building (a 60-floor complex) in Japan!
Open floor windows and see through floors. Even a panoramic photo of this view can’t justify it. Mi ojos 👀 was blessed by its spectacular view 😍 A place worth visiting and add to your travel check off list! (Especially if you’re afraid of heights🙃).
Oh, and don’t forget to do a yoga pose and take a picture while you’re at it too 😉
またね (mata-ne)!💓 🇯🇵 ✈️

Who loves curry? I do! 🙋🏻‍♀️
What’s your favorite type of curry? Comment below!
Two weeks ago I shared a cauliflower rice recipe along with the health benefits of including cauliflower in your diet. This week I’m sharing my easy coconut curry recipe that pairs so, so well with cauliflower. A low carb, high protein meal combo. YUMMY 😋 Feel free to substitute the chicken for any other protein sources of your choice to suit your palate and reach your fitness goals😁!
Enjoy! Recipe link in bio 👆🏻

What I Learned On A Podcast While Biking 🚲 ☀️🌬
I almost forgot how much I love biking. And wow, it totally kicked my butt today too (no regrets)! 😂 Eventhough today was quite windy to ride it was still a sunny day nonetheless. And look at that clear blue sky, can’t miss out on that 😉🙌🏻
And I’m sure many of you can relate to my apogee of happiness on skipping the usual morning commute to work via the notoriously late MTA bus and train. (Pst, did you spot a GRE word? Yup, I’ve been studying real hard 🤓😁👍🏻)
Oh, and most importantly I want to share a Spotify podcast that I was listening to while I was ridding today. The podcast was titled: “The path to freedom and there are no guarantees”. It spoke about perceiving limitations as good experiences. Not freedom like travel or fine dining.
The idea💡is that freedom gets us nowhere in life and is the enemy to success. Limitations like being a parent in order to spend quality time with your child. Or in order to get those abs by Summer, you must give up other good experiences in order to train your body and mind. The same applies to work. Limitations are experiences that you choose to take. And we all have the freedom to do just that and live a fulfilling life✨.
Interesting isn’t it? What are some limitations that you can get a positive experience out of? 🤔
To check out the podcast: Visit Spotify and search for: Optimal Living Daily No.845 @OLDpodcast

Woke up and did a yummy 30 minute yoga routine for back, shoulder, and neck soreness/pain this morning.
Ah, feels so good!
My heart always has a place for Ashtanga and I still practice it but also, I am big on using yoga as therapy. Whether if it’s for pain management, reducing muscle tension, building strength, flexibility, or even for mental health. Any yoga is good. Just get on your mat. Same time, everyday. Breathe, enjoy the ride, and reap its benefits!💨🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️💨
#consistencyiskey #yogaforgoodhealth

“Feel like I get to eat more Asian foods when I’m here”
The photo here shows what a home-style Chinese hot pot looks like. We also got a little creative and paired it with Japanese side dishes such as edamame and seaweed salad #freestyle. Oh, and the leftover chicken curry soup was on the table too. So good and it totally hit the spot👌🏻#YUMMY😋!
Hopefully this is our last week of Winter and the Spring 🌱🌥 weather will take over from here on. Hot pot is preferably enjoyed in the Winter by most but personally I think it can enjoyed all year round (especially if you’re feeling lazy to cook or is terribly hungry and can’t wait). So many varieties of veggies packed with nutrition and flavors 🙌🏻. Just throw in any veggies that are left in the fridge and boil away. Here we used kelp to flavor our “soup” base. What soup base do you like to use? Have you tried hot pot before?

There’s nothing better than cooking with your favorite kitchen appliances.
Honestly, I feel like investing in good kitchen appliances can truly contributes to some extant in living and eating healthy because it just makes cooking fun, easy, and fast!
Here I am using my latest food processor replacement (which I should’ve replaced longgg ago) that I’m totally excited about because now I get to make so many more fun and healthy recipes such as cauliflower rice! (Recipe is up in my bio). Plus, you get to learn all about the health benefits that cauliflower has to offer - which means, now you can start including it into your diet on a rotational basis 😜
So give this recipe a try. I’m sure you will want to make it again and again 💗

I woke up this morning feeling bendy and the water pitcher looked empty, so I looked at the world upside down 🙃 and my mind was empty☁️

This week I am featuring another secret ingredient in my weekly meal prep. Cauliflower, a powerhouse ingredient to add for a healthy diet!
Read on my blog (link in bio) to learn more about how I make "Collie🐶-flower" "rice" and ways to enjoy it to fit your cultural tastes. As well as its nutritional benefit!
Oh, and that’s chicken curry 😍 on the upper right hand corner👆🏻. It’s still in it’s tweaking stage so once I’ve got it right I will share it with you on my blog! ☺️💗
Always looking for new ways to sneak veggies into a healthful balanced diet. 🙌🏻
Be sure to follow my IG account @christinefeibulous before you leave 🙃

💡A place to think, work, and create 💡
When someone decides to give you flowers for no special reason. And then his mommy inspires you to separate a bunch of flowers into individual assortments after you watched her arrange the flowers you gave for her birthday 🎂🎁
It always makes me feel sad to see flowers die after awhile which makes me appreciate it even more while it lasts.
Life is simpler and far more #feibulous without the cluttered space. Will be sharing more of that in my future blog posts up in my blog (link in bio)! 👆🏻💗💡

Here’s a balancing tree pose to symbolize my focus and determination to ace my GRE exam in flying colors and get into a PA school 😃👩🏻‍⚕️🤓💡
Oh, and do you know that having the ability to stand in one leg for 20 seconds is a sign of a healthy brain? I guess now we have a good reason to spend some more time balancing on one ☝🏻 foot for once 🤪 because who don’t want a healthy brain?
And yes, I know this is not a new yoga photo because I ran out of new ones 😅 and because #tbt are a thing 🤙🏻

My meal prep essentials are a HUGE batch of veggies and some protein. This week I prepped chicken breasts! An ingredient that’s notorious for its dryness and lack of flavor. Nope, not in this baked balsamic chicken breast recipe! To be honest, I get tired of eating chicken all the time but it is such an easily available ingredient and super cheap source of protein (unless you’re purchasing organic... but it’s still cheaper than wild caught salmon!). Which is why it is important to experiment and keep things interesting. One way to do it is by experimenting with different marinades! And I’m pretty happy with how these came out this week👩🏻‍🍳😋✌🏻

Honestly, I always had a heart for traveling. To explore, to experience, to challenge and acclimate to whatever situation I put myself into.
Here’s a before video of me before I went and did three SUPER active activities: snorkeling and kayaking in the vast ocean of Victoria, and sand-boarding in a nearby dessert in one day at Brisbane, Australia!
p. s. sand boarding down a steep hill may seem scary at first but sliding down was like going down a slide at a playground. The best part is that it is supplied by nature and if you’re up for a nice leg workout, you can “hike” yourself back up to the top and slide back down again!
Speaking of which, I was going to skip my leg workout after teaching my yoga class today... but, I changed my mind. 😅

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